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    Important "Obedience School" - Duck Hunt Q&A Thread/FAQ/Directory

    In training mode I tested how far DHD's roll-canceled grab could reach on Mario. As it would turn out, this literally doubles how far you can grab someone from. Not exactly Samus material, but...
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    Charizard Stage Discussion

    I think For Glory is somewhat guilty of this, since unlike Brawl it's restricted to flat stages. Maybe just putting a disclaimer in the main match-up thread to try and think of character specific stages would help.
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    Charizard Matchup Discussion - Marth

    Does Marth have any way of pressuring our shield now that shield breaker has been relatively nerfed? I know his poor aerials have been nerfed drastically to the point they aren't quite as safe as in the other games. His grabs aren't particularly threatening outside of maybe throwing us...
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    The Battle for Power! (Matchmaking & Video Thread)

    Well, darn, this came at a convenient time.
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    Matchup Chart Project 2015 - Calling Little Mac Mains!

    Part of me thinks Charizard is more of an even match-up than a + for Little Mac, mostly because Charizard has really good grabs and jabs with long range. In that match-up, make sure you shield the jabs and remember it's a three part combo. At high percents it launches Little Mac into the air...
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    Charizard Matchup Discussion - Marth

    From what I read on the Marth forums, shield breaker's damage was somehow nerfed to the point that it just barely doesn't kill shields anymore. Granted, it's not a good idea for Charizard to let himself get hit by it, but that's good at least.
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    Guide Let's Mega Evolve! Charizard Matchup Archive

    You know what, I'll add Dorf too. Just because I want this to happen now.
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    Hmm... Just tried Marth out in training mode to see what his business is, and from what I can see... His options to start a combo look limited to U-Tilt and getting grabs, kind of like how Samus is relatively limited to her dash attack and D-Tilt. Marth looks like the hard-hitting defensive...
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    The Battle for Power! (Matchmaking & Video Thread)

    Could I just make a random funsies request for a video on the Charizard match-up? It boils down to who can disrespect the other the most, essentially.
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    Is he sort of in the same boat as Samus's, then? If so then that's really just a pity, Marth should be a h-risk < h-reward character in the right hands. I tend to usually play as more defensive characters like Samus, R.O.B, Doctor Mario... But I tried out Lucina for a bit and strangely liked...
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    Is Marth just strictly a mid-tier character? I can't tell if the general sadness about his ranking in here is because of the top tier match-ups or generally unfavorable match-ups.
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    [Source Gaming] Are Updates a Bad Thing?

    I think the real objective should be to have fun and accept that not everything will be balanced, even when the patches stop coming. Also, I think it'd be natural for Sakurai and the development team(s) to mostly listen to the Japanese scene, with it being much closer to home and all...
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    Data Samus Match-Up Discussion Thread 2.0

    Well, this is a random contribution, but I'll go for it anyways. How do you all think the match-up against Charizard goes? Unlike Bowser or DK (the other huge characters) I feel like Charizard gets a lot out of being able to play defensively, but I wouldn't know how that goes against Samus.
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    Charizard Matchup Discussion - Peach

    Does that mean that Charizard would do best on platform stages against Peach, like Battlefield? Peach relies a lot on aerial maneuvering to avoid attacks, so I'd at least hope platforms could work to our favor. @Bombchu Link Peach is an oddball character who I haven't played many matches...
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    Guide Let's Mega Evolve! Charizard Matchup Archive

    Oh dear, Marth, Peach, AND Rosalina.
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