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  • I dunno :\
    Also, since I've been getting Trela/RT to come more often, you can has more frequent lucario board visits?
    lol mindgamed. I thought u were gonna post in my profile.
    Also, Close Combat is something kinda cool that's been my recent "Pet project", it's in the Brainstorm thread.
    o.o i tried getting into that IRC (but for some odd reason, my comp wont allow it to work correctly x.x) altho that "Better Lucario Official Guide" i found was pretty useful to me when it came to online (i was never too good with combo's before cause i used to main Ganondorf, but maining Lucario has changed that :p) hope we can talk sometime, cya!

    I want to know what your super secret special surprise is!

    Is it:

    A different main?
    You got a girlfriend?
    Your bringing your girlfriend?

    I want to know!!!!
    Prolleh not. Just got promoted to manager so..

    Milln, having you as a manager would be so ****ing hilarious. Are you always like you are at smash tournaments?
    Prolleh not. Just got promoted to manager so, work johns. D= Also, no one else in my crew or area seems to want to go and driving/flying that far by oneself is rather boring. ;.;
    Still there? sorry, I was really busy yesterday.

    How does around 9:00 sound? ( thats around when you get home isn't it?)
    Meh, Phloat's pretty much given up SWR because he says it takes no skill. PM me if your ever in the mood to play it cause I still like it.
    Well it shouldn't really be a SWR is too hard for my computer to handle. I can play Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Orange Box without any problems.


    Oh and Milln, lol, I saw that someone was h8in on your doubles win bracket. I thought that was pretty funny.
    @ShadW: No idea. Might be how your computer handles SWR.

    @Stash: Prolly not, I didn't bring it out.
    Hmm, btw any idea why my numbers are messed up the way that they are? I can't type in anything and some numbers look like muliple numbers at once.

    edit: and by can't i mean its basically impossible. I can move the numbers and change them. I just don't know what im changing them to.
    The only flaw in the built-in is that if anyone's behind a router (wireless or wired), they may need to unhook it and go directly to the computer from the modem. It's what I have to do.
    Hamachi gives host no delay and gives the joiner the full brunt of any and all input delay or lag. Using the built-in is easy. Click Vs. Network

    Host gives the joiner their ip and what port they're using, usually 10800 or 06112 or 08484. Host clicks the top option and makes sure the port is correct. Joiner clicks the second option and makes sure the ip and port is correct. On the ip, if any of the numbers between the decimals aren't the full three numbers, put a zero in front of it. Like if it's, for example,, then it'd be for SWR.
    How does it give the host advantages?

    Im extremely curious now cause im always joining phloat's. ( for some reason my numbers are really messed up and clipping through each other so i can't type in anything.)

    And how do you do the normal netplay? just put your ip in my address.txt and click join as always?
    Hamachi is horrible since it gives host huge advantages. Use the built-in Netplay function, it's perfectly fine. I'll play a little later, I just got home.
    Hey Milln, up for some SWR? Phloat is at his mom's and can't play.

    I can't host so ill need your Hamachi stuff. (do you even use it?)
    Oh okay. Sometime this summer, if not sooner. We need to set up a smash fest in Chatt. I know of like 2 other smashers there.
    The mods started it all by closing our spam topics long ago. Then stupider and stupider people kept coming and we never really found anything new and the idiot newbies were intolerable so all the Lucario players that matter just hang out in the IRC Channel. Oh and Kawaii Bunny.
    Who killed the Lucario boards? I came back cause I'm interested in him again, and it's dead.
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