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  • I really wanna play Persona 5 now. Was watching Fatality stream it last night and I was so confused. A game that makes me think about what the hell is going on is usually a good one.
    I swear every Smash montage is just clips from the game the character is from, music and performing forward smashes against a brain dead monkey...
    Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I wanna suck less at Smash. My head is brimming with options and I run into opponents that totally suck and I see exactly how to beta them but then I do something stupid and lose. It's like my hands are ten paces behind my brain.
    Watched a RelaxAlex video because people keep praising him and he was in my recommendations. Who knows, maybe I was wrong about hi- Oh. Yeah he's still an unfunny pretentious a-hole to me.
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    It's really hard to find funny content creators on YouTube, especially in a specific niche. I prefer straightforward educational videos with a few jokes thrown in here and there personally - if it is humour it has to be extremely dumb memes, like SiIvaGunner, the Cool Videos, that sorta stuff.
    I personally find a lot of people funny. Upisnotjump is a good exsmple of gaming youtuber who does silly insane skits that don't come off as 'random is funny' and he uses a cat in some of them and it's actually funny. Like I don't know why some people use cats just because they are cute and popular but then completely forget about what about cats is so endearing. You can't have a cat just be there and speak like a human would, you need to incorporate them being a cat in their character. Also doesn't help Alex's jokes that all of them include subjective mean takes. That new one somehow was just 'isn't Fire Emblem so bad hahahah' while at the same time trying to admit that it might not be that bad.
    So my brain has two settings when it comes to interacting with people. It's either a series of logical statements that could be be used as an essay if it was ever about anything remotely important ooooooor it's a very short confused series of emotional things that make me look like a nutjob.
    Listened to some Three Houses OST. Really good despite me not having any context since I haven't played it yet, but is the cool main theme only 2 minutes long? No longer version exists?
    Deleted member
    What is called the main theme is the shorter, more instrumental version of the overall song. If you want the whole thing with all the lyrics, look for “The Edge of Dawn”.
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