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Recent content by MikeHaggarTHAKJB

  1. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Important Ultimate Buffering System

    You can't start hold buffering during hitlag according to my testing. Actually important to know, let's you hit someone offstage and want to hold buffer your jump or up-b for recovering back, if you start holding during the hitlag off you hitting your opponent, nothing will happen.
  2. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    All about Stick Sensitivity

    Does smash/tilt forward Bs get affected?
  3. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Legality Modded controllers in tournaments

    I own about 30 controllers. Imo most are ****. But I'm also a spoiled little princess when it comes to controllers. My main problem is dashing in the opposite direction. But faceplate mods like the ones Kadano do obviously does not affect that. Non-white ones tend to suck ass at shielddropping...
  4. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Legality Modded controllers in tournaments

    What exactly is this mod? Tons of people, including myself, super disagree with this. Getting a controller with easy axe/sung shielddrops in both directions AND easy smashturns, easy reverse utilts, good reverse bs, etc is rare AF. Only one of these aspects is fixable via modding the gate, though.
  5. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Legality Modded controllers in tournaments

    ALOT. I have around 25 controllers that are all picked apart. I've messed around with notches and other gate mods alot. I'm 100% sure I suck **** at doing compared to Kadano, though. Curious to test his out. I don't use notchmods atm. Didn't like the feel and the advantages where nearly big...
  6. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Legality Modded controllers in tournaments

    They're not magical. Won't help anybody who doesn't have techskill. Again, the pay he takes isn't up to snuff with what a real job does, unless he works ridiculously fast. And if it was all about money he'd market more aggressively, and also take more pay. Most likely he'd sell one "magic...
  7. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Legality Modded controllers in tournaments

    Most of the people commenting on how kadano controllers are cheating etc don't event understand how his mods work, how GC controllers work and the random variability between them, lol. I hope you people realize that it's not easier to shielddrop with a Kadano controller then it is with one that...
  8. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    DreamHack London 2015 - Schedule, Casters, and more announced!

    Wait for Dreamhack Winter in November though, most gods will probably attend that event. :)
  9. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Project M at Blacklisted: A New Hope

    so do i lmao
  10. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Switzerland Smashers?

    The Smashscene usually hangs out in FB groups these days. If there is a scene (I would guess there is one atleast somewhere in the country), there's probably an FB group.
  11. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    PAL/NTSC difference: Falcon forward-b

    In NTSC, Falcon has some projectile invincibility at the top of his hurtbox. This way he can dodge falco lasers as well as sheik's standing needles (atleast single ones) In Pal, this isn't the case. He can still dodge very high Falco lasers since the hurtbox is still slightly lower then that of...
  12. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    [Feb 27, 2015] Cannes Winter Clash (Cannes)

    Im garaunteed. I'll bring the commentary and the hype.
  13. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Q&A Zero Suit Samus- Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread

    It seems alot faster then 7 frames to me, but maybe the games overall slower speed compared to Melee throws me off. MOAR QUESTIONS: How fast is ZSS up-b and does it have any invincibility?
  14. MikeHaggarTHAKJB

    Q&A Zero Suit Samus- Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread

    Good **** SK. More people like you are needed in this game so far. Look forward to playing you, shame you weren't at beauty. Only being able to buffer 1 thing at a time is something I've noticed. From what I've heard this was not the case in Brawl though, right? Also, how fast is letting go of...
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