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  • Who's this? XD

    And ya, I'd be down for Herb 3, gimme a link and I'll look into flight info and stuff
    XD, bring it son, I'ma school you in the ways of pain. Can't wait till smash stacks.
    lol, me, mits, I am seth, Rag, a random falco that was decent, and my brothers gf. I got 1st and won $100 gift card with some other stuff.
    I actually fought rag recently in grand finals at a tournament in a video game convention. I fought his Mk and beat him, but it was a threat. And yeah, I know what you mean, its all about keeping your cool when playing good ppl. You just gotta stay focused.
    u've seen rags mk? i nevere fought it, o well, yea the only reason iget nervous at times is when i feel like im not doing the best that i can. im sure any competitor of any genre can testify its one of the worst feelings in the world to lose when u know u could have done better.
    Sup brotha, I see all this stuff about everyone improving... I'm kinda nervous/excited. I really need to practice b4 smash stacks so I don't get my @$$ kicked. My Fox is still got it though. Also Rags MK is good, beware.
    of course he does. he just needed to pick up a high teir to open up more options in tourny. dk gets gayed really hard if you know what I mean and i think you do. his meta is pretty good too.
    that's awsome, me and trev have been doing nothing but meta knight dittos for the past month. I can't wait to test him out against some good competition.
    actually i was talking with ben, and if pp, duo and mits are going,,, i may have to go mk. and ive heard sp has really kicked some *** at past events som im getting a lil worried. but its all good. at pound seibrik and havok taught me and stingrz some mk ****, and i almost beat havok in a mk ditto.
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