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  • I'm just trying to have a civil debate lol, people are stupid and assume that we're at each other throats. It makes me crazy.
    My "troops?" I don't tell them to do anything. They act of their own accord.

    Keith, you have to understand that they don't just do stuff because you say Brawl. It's a two-way thing. If you say something Melee players might not like and they get even sorta upset about it, some of them will post. You know they would just quit(now that the major trolls like Malk have left) with the issue if the bad words were returned. It goes like this EVERY time man.

    This overarching problem of people not wanting to control their pride/posting powers is what will stop this from happening now and again(mostly), not me going in and telling them to shut up.

    Please don't take this as an attack Keith. I just want you to see what I have to deal with every time this crap starts(there's obviously more that happens, but that's all that really needs to be mentioned).
    exactly its just jealousy. i mean just be the bigger man. if they hate in brawl, u know its just cuz they're mad, since they associate melee with themselves, and it's like because their game of choice is "inferior", they feel inferior as well. so they gotta hate on the successful ones to make themselves look superior. it's really sad, that after millions of years of evolution humans still act exactly the same...just be above it.
    yoo keith i know ppl hate on us a lot but its like...just think about why they hate on us in the first place. it's all jealousy. just let it be
    my comment about shady carrying you was a joke...

    from what i saw you would have done very well in singles if you would have stayed and complimented shady very well...

    you guys make an amazing team, which is something one person alone can not achieve
    It all depends on what you like. Right now I am watching an anime called Sora no Woto. It's about a girl who joins the army as a bugle. I like it A LOT so far. It's kinda cutesy but I like that kinda stuff =D

    I also just finished the first season of Higurashi (When They Cry). I really enjoyed it. It is essentially like an anime version of Saw with lots of murder mystery in it.

    Those are just two titles I am currently in to.

    Also I always recommend my top 3 animes:
    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    2. FLCL
    3. BECK Mongolian Chop Squad
    Yeah, of course, it's just going to take time, because there are about 3 people in front of you who asked for sigs =D

    i ran into your bro bruh at the gym today...

    he was like, "are you the guy from sp who smokes weed?"

    i just laughed
    Lol I wanted to try Wario but he plays like Puff too much, with wayyyy too much airdodging LOL.
    Jump through the air with Marth and then with MK. Can't you just see how much easier Marth is to control?

    I'm not trolling dude. Marth is just the only fluid character in Brawl to me.
    lmfao! You truly are a villain :P

    I'm down for Herb, and of course I remember. I just didn't figure it was you because you had already added me under your KDT name
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