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  • Wanna chat with me? I haven't heard from you in ages!!! I need to speak with you more often than not.
    I'll be sure to add you as a moderator to my Dragonite thread this week. It's uber important that you join me.
    Mighty Minotaur Mighty Minotaur! Check you conversations this week, and be sure to write me back something on my profile, and my group chat! I coul really use the help into starting a brand-new chapter in my Smash bros life. If you have questions or comments, then please don't be afraid to message me, or comment. I will see you then.
    Mighty Minotaur Mighty Minotaur, please be sure to follow me on group chat. Check out my thread abot Dragonite, and be sure to leave personal comments about what you like about Dragonite. See you then.
    Hello Mighty Minotaur Mighty Minotaur! It's BoltDragon BoltDragon here with a thread update. I am now on the priate chat section, so please be sure to check out my private thread. Also, I am growing closer to finind out the results of the DLC vote. I cannot wait to see who wins, what do you think? Who do you personally think will win the DLC vote?
    Hey @Might Minotaur! BoltDragon BoltDragon here with a large thread update! I have received so many great supporters, and I would like to thank you so very much for helping Dragonite achieve a substantual amount of Fans Support!!! BTW, I will play Fire emblem Awakening this week, or whenever I can. But First of all, I need you to leave a personal comment saying that you will help support my thread (again.) See you then!
    Hey Mighty Minotaur Mighty Minotaur! BoltDragon BoltDragon here with a small thread update about Dragonite! Things have been going very weel for me, and Dragonite has recieved a fair amount of supporters. I feel great that you are supporting my thread, and i wish you good luck with Shantae and Issac!
    Hey @Mighty Minotaur, i need your help to support my thread about Dragonite! If you could please eave a comment on mythread, that would be much appreciated. remeber, there are only 2 weeks left until the DLC vote is over, so pleaae vote to support #TeamDragonite now.
    Hello Mighty Minotaur! @BoltDragon here. I really need your help in supporting my thread about Dragonite. My goal is to reach the 10,000's before October. THe DLC vote is counting on me to Get Dragonite into Smahs bros for the 3DS/Wii-U. I sincerely hope that you will follow me, and that you will support Dragonite for DLC.
    Mighty Minotaur, please try to send me back a reponse. I could really use some help in voting on Dragonite.
    Mighty Minotaur, please try to comment on my profile page. I really need your suggestions to improve Dragonite's chances of getting into super smash bros, as a DLC character. Please help! Your support is greatly appreciated.
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