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Recent content by Midwest Holiday

  1. Midwest Holiday

    Midwest Taz's Smash

    uh i mean if u want people to actually go to your tourney you need to post it in there lmfao
  2. Midwest Holiday

    Midwest Taz's Smash

    whats that plan? As of now I dont think anyone in NEOH knows
  3. Midwest Holiday

    Midwest Smashville 7

    Is this UCF
  4. Midwest Holiday

    Midwest Taz's Smash

    Might wanna post this in the neoh fb group if you havent akready
  5. Midwest Holiday

    Official The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0.1 - 6/9/2022)

    Is there a page or post anywhere on the internet that has dolphin state recordings for 20xx 4.07 save states for practice?
  6. Midwest Holiday

    Midwest CWRU & KSU Presents: Aegis

    A SSBM and Wii U Regional Tournament Sponsored by Outer Haven Esports and Multishine Designs Melee streamed by Melee Everyday, Melee side stream by Media Chameleon Melee will be running UCF for all events! For the first time, Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University will be...
  7. Midwest Holiday

    Fox Throw Punishes - Falcon

    Something i think note-worthy is jabbing falcon when they no DI or DI forward upthrow at 0-19% into regrab. It isnt real but I have seen SFAT use it succesfully before
  8. Midwest Holiday

    Fox Throw Punishes - Falcon

    Good write up, info Ill def keep in mind when practicing punishes on falcon
  9. Midwest Holiday

    Best Way to Bait Opponents

    Thats a pretty broad question, baiting can be defined in so many ways, listing a couple of examples doesn't really give you a good view of the concept, understanding how a bait works is a fundamental of any PvP game. I think you should try understanding the fundamental concept of it and then...
  10. Midwest Holiday

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Anyone ever make Konkichi from Dragon Ball, as a Fox outfit? If not anyone willing to do so :D
  11. Midwest Holiday

    The Complete Music (and Sound) Compendium

    I know that changing replacing textures doesn't cause any desyncs on netplay. But if I were to replace audio files in game would that cause desyncs with other players?
  12. Midwest Holiday

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Damn dude these skins are so sick! You should make 2 different ones for Green and Neutral Fox! I love the design for these!
  13. Midwest Holiday

    Official The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0.1 - 6/9/2022)

    So I have been using the same 20xx 3.02 for a while now, with nintendont on my wii. It has been perfectly fine until recently its started crashing every other game now. i didnt change any of the settings or anything. My only guess is that i used my friends 20xx TE memory card at one point in my...
  14. Midwest Holiday

    What's it like to be good?

    What's it like to be good?
  15. Midwest Holiday

    In Progress Stage Model Imports

    Can I get a dowload link for just Yoshi"s Story? It looks extremely well done. Also Pokemon Stadium wont load for me at all :/
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