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  • Ah I see. Well that's cool. I can be an a$$hole over these boards from time to time. But I'm a pretty chill guy. :)
    I'm a little baffled from what you just said....But it shows who your friends are over there to the right of your profile.
    Lol I never would have guessed.

    Mine's wierd. It's Turhan (Tur-ron). My SWF screen name Rhan just stuck to me since birth.
    Eh It doesn't matter. You can if you want. But people can see the message snce it's gonna be one of my profile comments.
    Same. I always played him with the mirror shield. He's not my best in the game though. I ***** Talim. :/
    I know a few things I need to do to get it. But I just never had the patience to do all of it.

    Also if you need to edit post on these profiles, the "edit" hyperlink is right here vvv
    The items that are equiped at the moment don't really matter to me. But I usually run around with the Goron tunic, mirror shield, hover boots, and the BROKEN SWORD!

    Idk why though. I just like hitting things with it. Also I like the hammer! :D

    Also if you need to edit post on these profiles, the "edit" hyperlink is right here vvv
    Go to the Social Groups and join a few. Im in the Hylian Power Group (cuz LoZ is da shiz) & Pro Brawler Group.
    The Goron tunic. Just because it matches the mirror shield.

    Gotta look fly when saving Zelda! ;D
    Do u also think that the Great Fairies from LoZ: OoT look like Hylian whores?....ther scary lookin

    Owl hands down. Navi you can just ignore and she'll bother you until you have her shut up. But the Owl you have to listen to him until he's done. ANd you accidently hit "no" then you have to hear that crap again...

    I'd put up with navi before the Owl anyday.
    I've heard of Megaman. But the Masked Boy is from Mother 3 kicks some serious butt, especially Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Midna and the Masked Boy could possibly be a great team together if given the chance.
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