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  • Hello :)
    I'm just wondering why I got a friend request from you lol
    Just curious :p
    lol I just saw, I can beat him though :laugh:
    Well maybe not this time, but we're both using characters we don't main, so who knows =D
    Awesome! You mean this weekend? Cause that could work I suppose :)
    ok thanks for letting me know. I have a feeling you'll make it December 13th/14th. If it is I can't play lol
    But that would be the best date to hold your tourney
    "Accept my Friend Request :("

    Sorry about that, had already declined it before you said that, as I thought you were just sending the request to stop me from stalking you :p
    lol what? o.O

    I'm not stalking anyone, I just have a million tabs (all go to different forum games) and keep pressing refresh all. :p
    no prob, i've been meaning to find out how good the general Zelda community is in comparison to me
    my FC is 0559-6495-8519, send me urs and we'll brawl
    Sure we can Brawl if I ever remember to turn the Wii back on and actually Play SSBB ;P
    Hey, to answer ur earlier question, I like to believe I'm pretty good at Smash :p But I'm prolly just moderate, I main C. Falcon/Shiek/Lucario.
    Queen Zelda? I don't actually recall giving you My friend code ^^ But if you want to brawl then sure! It's 2020-1186-0209. I'll probably be free to play most of tomorrow (28/9/08)
    Wahoo! I came back from the Nuthouse today and am finally over my Midna compulsive whatever I called it in my Meet and Greet post,( I actually randomly typed in the name on registation, I'll keep the name anyway since Midna DOES have the Triforce of Coolness) And I got a Cube Controller to play brawl and VC games, so I'm happy!
    Yey moar friends, ****it you got moar than me >:O


    Again welcome to the boards, have a safe trip.
    I've only ever tripped over on the online practic stage, but even then I have no idea what caused it.
    you mean when you turn around and fall over in Brawl? or is it some tactic? I havent heard of it if it is :)
    Hi. You were on the IRC. Sorry that I missed you. I'm Linkshot; pretty new to the boards, but not the IRC. Nice to meet you.
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