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Recent content by Metroxe

  1. Metroxe

    smash 3ds tournament may 16th

    FC: 0087-2403-9554
  2. Metroxe

    3DS Online Tournament [March 21st] Streamed!

    IGN = Metroxe FC = 0087 2403 9554
  3. Metroxe

    Melee netplay weeklies!

    totally down for this
  4. Metroxe

    [3DS] Zelda Paradox's Tournaments.

    why so many bans? especially jigglypuff, she's low tier
  5. Metroxe

    Falcon Feast I: March 7, 2015

    Sounds cool, too bad i'm busy
  6. Metroxe

    [Wii U/3DS] Shin Chie's Monthly Smash Tournaments #3 [MAY 1-2]

    Signed up for 3ds, how will we be contacted for our opponents?
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