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Recent content by Metal_Dave

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    The "Salmon smash"

    So I haven't been on these boards in a while, and I was hoping this would be a major breakthrough, but this has already been established. At least down here in SFL it has been.
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    ganondorf always wins

    Yeah this makes total sense...lol
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    Chicken's Possible Monthly Tourney Thread (OP Updated)

    Very true. Can't argue with that.
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    Chicken's Possible Monthly Tourney Thread (OP Updated)

    lololol smallest tourney ever :D
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    Chicken's Possible Monthly Tourney Thread (OP Updated)

    Wtf pool party + smash tourney = Impossible?
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    Gannons foxtrot faster than running?

    I think it's the exact same rate. So use whichever you prefer.
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    omg awesome! Any replays? Congrats. :]

    omg awesome! Any replays? Congrats. :]
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    DEAD Ganondorf Video Thread

    From what I've been hearing...I hear overswarm is giving into MK now...lol
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    Down tilt

    Yeah dtilt is pretty nice and it does have longer range but I believe it's just about as long as Ganon's fsmash too.
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    ~Tome of The Dragmire~ v1.5

    Yeah your pretty much not going to have time for practice anymore lol. ;] Yes you are. :D Good luck with the tourney dude.
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    ~Tome of The Dragmire~ v1.5

    I get some pretty decent results with him from tourneys, but I'm going to be out of the tourney scene for a while since school is starting up for me again. =\
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    ~Tome of The Dragmire~ v1.5

    Lol...Sliq quit Ganon too? Man this is like starting to be a trend now... O_o
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    Dude I was just thinking about that today, and now that you mentioned it. I'm dying to try it out!
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    PnT Presents @ BRAWLAPALOOZA 2 @ -Miami , FL-8.17.08 (RESULTS AND BRACKETS in OP)

    Component cables doesn't help much for lag cases unfortunately. It's the smallest amount of lag though, at least it's not like playing online. People need to quit it with the lag johns.
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