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Recent content by mers

  1. mers

    [Jan 3, 2015] Cincinnati Smash Revival Biweekly (Mason, Ohio)

    Hey y'all. I'm not normally part of this region, but I'm visiting family in Kentucky, and I wanna come to this. I'm pretty good (place reasonably high in Texas, top or near top in Kentucky, beat Jiano, etc). Does anyone else who's good wanna try and win Melee teams with me? Also I'll bring a...
  2. mers

    SMASHing Through The Years - December 28th, 2013 - Frankfort, Kentucky

    I might come to this and enter melee. If I do, I'd be down to $5 MM anyone and everyone in melee too. Takers? You should start keeping an attendance list (confirmed/possible) in the OP so we can get an estimate of turnout. When would you be running melee? I'd only be free a little earlier in...
  3. mers

    Frame Advantage On Block

    You might find dash cancel utilts difficult, cuz they're ****ing difficult, but more power to you if you can pull them off.
  4. mers

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    Ugh I know. I thought I loved the matchup, but once I played a really good defensive Ganon I changed my mind. His moves are so ****ing big.
  5. mers

    in NYC september 13-18, want to play melee!

    hey y'all i've done this a few times and never actually managed to make anything happen, but i'm gonna be in the city for a week starting today, and i'd love to play some melee. if anyone's interested, let me know!
  6. mers

    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    The only use for lightshielding I ever consciously remember and use is to be pushed off a platform or the stage when you want to get away from something. Sheik is hella good from the ledge, so this can get you out of some otherwise scary situations.
  7. mers

    VaNz Stuff.. about Peach (Tactical Discussion)

    When Falcon uthrows you, DI straight up. The first uair is unavoidable, but if you go straight up it means Falcon has no forward momentum and so its harder/impossible for him to get any more hits. This assumes you're DIing the uair down and away of course.
  8. mers

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Dthrow is seriously unbeatable. If they DI in/up, knee combos, which can usually be followed by just about anything. If they DI down/away, they get to tech, but Pika's techroll is so garbage that your followups are simple. You can cover tech in place/missed tech with an aerial and still follow...
  9. mers

    NEOH Melee Friendlies

    well somebody step up to the plate and host something! i would, only im 100% homeless right now. i do have a TV though.
  10. mers

    NEOH Melee Friendlies

    yo whatever everyone knows smash is a higher priority
  11. mers

    NEOH Melee Friendlies

    YOOOO i'm here i'm here lets ****in play i'll **** all y'all up LEZDOIT EDIT: phone number 859.893.1506 txt me babygirl
  12. mers

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Nah dude. I SDI inward and get through Marth after the first two hits fairly often. Also, CC ruins it.
  13. mers

    NEOH Melee Friendlies

    Hey y'all. I'm gonna be up in Oberlin for a week, starting tomorrow. I'd love to play with some of y'all. Any chance that could happen? EDIT: I have a car.
  14. mers

    Money match TGD at FC

    How do I find you? Alternately, if you want to find me, I'm SUPER easy to notice. I have bright blue hair and am tall.
  15. mers

    Money match TGD at FC

    $5 bo5 vs my Falco?
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