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Recent content by Merkabo

  1. Merkabo

    Ganondorf is the Best Character Eternally: In Progress (Replacement Signups Help!)

    I want in. Merkabo = nnid Im good enough. Promise. ;o
  2. Merkabo

    Mr. Game & Watch Skype Group

    Ah. Its just the admin for the group isn't around very much?
  3. Merkabo

    Mr. Game & Watch Skype Group

    Is this even active anymore? I'm willing to start a new one if not.
  4. Merkabo

    Mr. Game & Watch Skype Group

    merrkab0 here.
  5. Merkabo

    Create your DLC likeliness chart!

    I think way before they would put another link clone into the game, impa, skull kid, or a variant on ganondorf or Zelda would be way more likely ;o
  6. Merkabo

    Smash ballot: Who'd you vote for?

    Honestly, I think skull kid from LOZ. Skull Kid has the potential to be a healthy addition to the cast with a very unique move set and play style. I feel he would appease the massive community of Zelda fans that hold nostalgia for the older games and may or may not detest the new artistic...
  7. Merkabo

    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    Not necessarily, but it doesn't mean he low high tier or upper mid tier either.
  8. Merkabo

    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    +1 Luigi +1 Diddy (slight nerfs to all of his moves isn't going to change the way he plays) +1 Yoshi +1 Lucas +1 Tool Link (Too low)
  9. Merkabo

    Sakurai says there's no favoritism

    Who honestly cares? Are you going to let things so trivial and minute as the points made both for this idea of the developer's favoritism detract the sheer amount of effort and love put into the game? I mean there's what, 54 characters? 6 of which belong to the man's two franchises, and one of...
  10. Merkabo

    Do you use your taunt? Why?

    I get it I get it. I was just messing with ya. :P
  11. Merkabo

    Do you use your taunt? Why?

    Dem gender stereotypes.
  12. Merkabo

    Oh dear... The impossible has happened ! WARNING SPOILERS (Smash 4 is hackable)

    Great. But I bet there is a huge difference in difficulty in comparison to brawl modding. Probably not user friendly. xp
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