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Recent content by melee43vr

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    Data Young Link Hitboxes and Frame Data

    hey thx a lot for doing this. i would like you to investigate one thing with the boomerang if it isnt too much trouble. after throwing the boomerang there is a number of frames that if you get hit it disappears even though he has already thrown it out . it can get maybe a platforms...
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    Smash through the years

    found it http://andriasang.com/comw97/
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    Smash through the years

    my direction is simple i want a fast paced skillfull and competitive smash game. the best way to get that is combine the best mechanics and game features they have come up with as well as making improvements on characters as needed. it sounds like smash 4 will be different than the first...
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    Smash through the years

    i actually like spikes . but i feel like most ppl dont take kindly to them. i like all the clone characters but wish they had gotten more creative i mean gdorf could have had any number of moves from any of the zelda games . marios cape shoulda been gdorfs move. reflecting stuff like in Zelda OoT.
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    Smash through the years

    oh for Brawl i liked the ability to set different moves to the c-stick that was another thing they did right
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    Smash through the years

    i know im still missing some so help me out peeps
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    Smash through the years

    SSB THINGS THEY DID RIGHT Create an awesome yet unique 2d fighter teching l-canceling THINGS THEY DID WRONG Grabs are too strong Some of the levels are way too big Poor recoveries for some characters easy to get caught in your shield...
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    Meta Knight Officially Banned!

    bionic im sorry i got so worked up. i respect you as a player of brawl and what you do for both the game and the community overall. i feel that if you even have to bring up a debate about whether a character in the game needs to be banned then that questions the integrity of the game itself...
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    Meta Knight Officially Banned!

    Ussi im sorry but you must have downs syndrome or you have never played melee. ask anyone melee is a billion times more offensive than brawl. if you look at the top tier characters from early mlg to now you will have noticed how much faster and more aggressive the play has gotten. low tiers...
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    Meta Knight Officially Banned!

    defensive because melee has more movements options (wavedash, moonwalk) which allow you the oppurtunity to draw out attacks from your foe and when they miss you can punish. and since so many "low tier" chars have better than average wavedashes it makes them more viable . but it also allows you...
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    Meta Knight Officially Banned!

    i play low tier and im not for banning mk. i have a solution to all of your problems... just play melee
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    Grand Old Thread: League of Legends!

    good livestream of LoL thats on all the time http://www.own3d.tv/live/22123 *hes also a huge fan of melee
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    What's different about melee from most games

    one of the greatest things about melee is wavedashing.
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    (Serious Topic) After smash?

    if they dont come out with another smash bros that is just like melee i will quit. and no brawl is not the answer.
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    Controller help!

    is it easy to replace joysticks in them? its hard to find GC controllers now
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