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  • nice, i was just introduced to Death Note, i only saw the first 2 MOVIES, but i liked them a lot, and L is my favorite character
    Yeah, I live 2 hours away from the all communities down in Warner Robins. (Central GA). GA is a pretty spread out community. There's everybody in the ATL area (which includes Duluth, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw, all that stuff). The next big major crew is in Columbus, GA; which is Central/West GA. They're about 1:45 from ATL, 1:45 from me.

    Then you have lessor crew (not specifically in size, but in tourney attendance). Albany, which is a pretty much also Central GA, but further south than me. They're about 1:45 also. And then Savannah, who is slowly trying to get into the tourney scene which is like 3 hours from everybody.

    The only other noteworthy "crews" is Tom down in Waycross by himself (which is like 4:30 from EVERYBODY). I say he's a crew cause me and him were literally the entire South GA smash community when I was down in school down in Valdosta. But now he's down there alone. :(

    But yeah, that's GA Smash in a nutshell.
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