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    Opinions on Best Swordfighter Set?

    Figure posting here makes more sense than making a new thread...I never took the Mii's seriously, but after making a VERY convincing Viridi, I wanna use her! I really am not sure how viable they are online, but it looks like all the Mii's can be decent. I use: Gale Strike, because it uses a...
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    Character unlocking issue...anyone got an answer?

    Ha yeah we arranged to spend the majority of 72 hours on it the WoL doesn't interest him and Mewtwo is like 20+ hours into it.
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    Character unlocking issue...anyone got an answer?

    Okay, so my son and I have both been playing this game pretty much non stop since last night...I unlocked everyone, and my son almost has, except Mewtwo keeps kicking the ever loving hell out of him, and now he has unlocked EVERYONE else...and done all classic modes (except obviously mewtwos)...
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    Digital pre-download release question There you go.
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    Digital pre-download release question

    I reckon that means 3am for you....take a long nap and pull an all nighter friend =)
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    Digital pre-download release question

    Midnight EST is when the game unlocks
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    Your Main(s) for SSBU

    I have NO idea who I am going to MAIN MAIN yet, but in the past, I usually end up as one of the princesses, Zelda or Peach. So I will list the 6 I HOPE to use very efficiently, while maining 1 or 2 of them... :ultpeach::ultdaisy:- Paisy has been my best character since melee. I always clicked...
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    How much hrs left to Download SSBU?

    Well you can have it downloaded NOW...but it goes live in 12 hours and 23 minutes from the time of this post =P
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    Anyone knows what time SSBU supposed to unlock?

    As others have said, and just to give more backing to them, it does indeed become active at midnight EST, so if you are central time, like me, you should be at your switch, like me, at about 10:45 =P
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    eSports Alternate Costumes/Skins

    EXACTLY! Don't get butt hurt because you got nuked by a stage hazard you failed to dodge, or you don't know how to counterplay against certain weapons. Yeah, some are a touch OP, but they are in your hands Also, no, Sakurai didn't say he HATED the competitive scene, but I...
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    eSports Alternate Costumes/Skins

    Think he means everyone could get a jersey in a sporting goods store, but I still don't want it. Smash is supposed to be about chaotic fun...the pro scene needs to step away from this one. Even Sakurai has stated how much he despises what the competitive scene does to his games...
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    Is it possible to collect 100% of Spirits, and level them all to 99+?

    I am sure you could eventually, I would just expect it to take a very...VERY...long time.
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    Which controller will you use?

    I will make sure I know how to use both my pro controller and GC controller. I already know how to use GC controller from over a decade of using them in smash games, but I also want to be able to use a pro controller, because honestly, I like it. They are SORT of similar anyway, so I do not see...
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    How would you all feel about a potential Impa Echo?

    I want Impa pretty bad, and she is a HEAVILY rumored DLC character, but I have also heard that Sakurai apparently said there will not be any more echo fighters recently (even though with the lifespan I am hoping this game has, I hope that will change, as...the more the merrier!)