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Recent content by MAtgSy

  1. MAtgSy

    Smash needs 2 Links

    No, it just needs :toonlink:, the best Link. Just change his name from "Toon Link" to "Link" & we're good. This ad gets it:
  2. MAtgSy

    Really Bad Super Smash Bros Suggestions

    Shadow as a Sonic echo Dixie Kong as a Diddy echo
  3. MAtgSy

    Social Banjo-Kazooie Social Thread - Project Dream Come True!

    Yes. They're now "Playtonic Friends" & have become a publisher for other indie devs. https://www.playtonicgames.com/introducing-playtonic-friends-faqs/
  4. MAtgSy

    A Second Pokemon Trainer Character?

    I vote for Bea.....as the one doing the fighting. Why not, she's a martial artist, she sparred with her Machamp & threw down with a Rhydon in the Twilight Wings series, I say it's high time a human from the Pokemon universe get their own hands dirty!
  5. MAtgSy

    We are INVADERS, from SPACE! The Space Invaders Support Thread

    Taito is part of Square & we just got another Square so it might be a while.
  6. MAtgSy

    Rhythm Heaven General - Let's BAND together!

    Did I miss something? What's with all the bumped RH threads?
  7. MAtgSy

    He Only Wanted To Sing & Serve Pizza, Was That So Wrong? The Freddy Fazbear Thread

    Freddy's name is freaking in the title. What more do ya need?
  8. MAtgSy

    He Only Wanted To Sing & Serve Pizza, Was That So Wrong? The Freddy Fazbear Thread

    That's like arguing that Red should've gotten in before Pikachu. Or that it should've been a Frisk mii costume instead of Sans, ditto for Vault Boy as the Fallout mii. Chrom's the main character of FE Awakening but he still had to wait his turn. Like who even cares that much about the...
  9. MAtgSy

    What's stopping Sonic from getting more characters?

    TIL Oogtar the Caveboy from the Super Mario World cartoon is eligible for SSB. Where does Captain N lie? He's legally owned by Nintendo & debuted in Nintendo Power magzine.
  10. MAtgSy

    What's stopping Sonic from getting more characters?

    If it could be any Sonic character, my vote goes to Sally Acorn. Technically speaking, she did in fact originate from the games: Because of the lack of other characters beyond Sonic & Eggman, early concepts for the 1st Sonic cartoon/comics redesigned the animals that pop out of robots into...
  11. MAtgSy

    Create A Classic Mode For Your Most Wanted

    Nah, Ridley's only appearance there was to be a crooked judge in a rigged trial against Samus. A great idea, but a couple of corrections: Mimi being Sincerity & Joe being Reliability were English dub changes. In the original Japanese, Mimi was Purity & Joe was Sincerity/Honesty. I would...
  12. MAtgSy

    Was The Sephiroth Challenge Really Easy For Anyone Else?

    1HP left on Normal while using a cheese strat. Clearly I'm not in the same boat as you.
  13. MAtgSy

    Post your Sephiroth Boss battle times only a few days left to do so

    38.08 on Normal. Considering how close that got, I'm not placing high bets on clearing Very Hard.
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