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Recent content by Marrow

  1. Marrow

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    It's the Wandering Hero from StreetPass Mii Plaza (this one specifically is from Find Mii)! You can use Play Coins to purchase them for use in StreetPass games if you haven't tagged enough people.
  2. Marrow

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    hey that's me! :)
  3. Marrow

    Smash Wii U Community Leaders Release Recommended Ruleset

    "1-1-1-1 only" i mean as ****ty as it is that's about expected, despite how few problems mii fighters have actually caused when legal "Guest A only" literally the worst
  4. Marrow

    First Official 4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List

    here's hoping we get a v2 of this list, with mii specials.
  5. Marrow

    Data Yoshi's Double Jump Tolerance: Revived (COMPLETE! ...sorta)

    Hello again! I took the time to create a little companion program for the armor calculator, which helps put frame data in the proper format and makes the process easier. It doesn't have a sweet or sour option, unfortunately. Those will have to be added manually, either when you're adding the...
  6. Marrow

    Data Yoshi's Double Jump Tolerance: Revived (COMPLETE! ...sorta)

    Hey there, out of curiosity I typed up some info for Mii Brawler and ran it through your calculator. Posted the results down below!
  7. Marrow

    Data Yoshi's Double Jump Tolerance: Revived (COMPLETE! ...sorta)

    I was going through the characters' .txt files, and it was formatted pretty weird. it's damage, knockback, KBG, right? is the + fresh and the - stale?
  8. Marrow

    How annoying is the above posters main?

    If two or more brawler mains ever exist in the same room they all immediately die. Thats why we stay so widespread. :4cloud: - hey guys did you know cloud had an up air? let me show it to you thousands of times in a row! :4villager: - whatever happened to trees taking three real-life days to...
  9. Marrow

    How annoying is the above posters main?

    :4jigglypuff: - you brave soul :4pikachu:- PIKA!!! PIKA!!! :4falcon:- h'yes :4wario2:- aerial to waft, bike shenanigans :4kirby: - more annoying than people realize :4littlemac: - you brave soul :4link: - dude stop screaming your throat is gonna go out :4mii:(:4miibrawl:) + :4yoshi:
  10. Marrow

    Sheik Tech: C-Bounce

    Hi there, I noticed that Mii Fighters weren't mentioned in the original post, so I did my own research to see if c-bouncing worked for them. :4miibrawl:: Shot Put (1) - Works all three ways, though it's not a ton of extra distance. Ultimate Uppercut (2) - Slides a short distance...
  11. Marrow

    Patch 1.1.6 Released: Bayonetta Hit With Nerf Hammer

    so if we allow something considered "broken" in some circles, nintendo nerfs it to hell and back. does this mean it's finally time? :4miibrawl::4miisword::4miigun:
  12. Marrow

    Smash Art Spotlight: MuffinBros

    What a muffintastic interview!
  13. Marrow

    Charizard Stage Discussion

    I go for Lylat a fair bit, since the platforms are at a great height for our fiery friend. Up tilts and up smashes are effective tools which cover most, if not all, of the ground above, but a little air space higher up as well. The stage tilting isn't too bad for us either, and considering how...
  14. Marrow

    Introducing Emblemboards

    I feel like a weeb, but at least I'm a kawaii weeb 一体、私のアバターは誰助けてください
  15. Marrow

    Honing Zard's ledge guard game:

    I personally like a well spaced backair. With proper time and place it can cover neutral, attack and jump getup. 20-something frames of landing lag mean potential punishes if you miss, but if you can condition them into the right option it can land an early stock.
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