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  • Yo, you see brawl top 8 at Apex? Most swagadelic **** I ever saw in my life.

    Videos should be up for it on youtube later, but if you wanna try watching it now


    this is the full livestream recording, so you'll have to skip around a bunch for the individual matches, cuz they took forever in between sets like they think they are LFDet playing tag or some ****.
    It's pretty sweet. I LOOOOVE that they made Wario not suck anymore. I think I want to try maining him. I tried playing him in 2.1 but he was kinda bad. You should download it. Do you know how to get it? I've had it since it came out, and since my wii is not hacked, it's been my first chance to play around with new textures and costumes and ****.
    By the next major update? Maybe. Kirby is really hard to code cuz of Kirby hats, Olimar is really hard to code cuz of pikmin. I wouldn't be suprised if it takes a couple more big updates to get the last 6, but there's also a chance that a 2.6 or some such thing will be done if there's a lot of minor tweaks to what was done in 2.5
    You see the Zero Suit announcement for Project M? They're adding one more character, in addition to her (confirmed not to be suited Samus) before they release 2.5 on the 28th
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