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Recent content by mario15

  1. mario15

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  2. mario15

    Which Mode Would You Add or Take Away from Smash 4?

    Smash 4 added many things to the series, particularly modes, some that were loved, others that were hated, but some from the previous installments were cut, so if you could add one mode to smash 4, and take one away, which ones would you choose?
  3. mario15

    Do Pro Smashers Struggle With Single Player Challenges?

    Really? That's interesting, I thought the only time you would hear the phrase "Zero lost" in a sentence was if the phrase "Everyone who fought" came before it. I suspect that the main problem competitive Smashers like Zero face when going up against the cpu are their reliance on mind games...
  4. mario15

    Do Pro Smashers Struggle With Single Player Challenges?

    Not too long ago, I took on the daunting challenge of completing intensity 9.0 in classic mode without losing a life, and after about ten miserable failures, I emerged victorious. Now I am by no means a professional Smash Brothers player, but I was able to overcome what I consider the most...
  5. mario15

    How Does Super Smash Flash Hold Up?

    lol, yeah, anything would've been better than those characters, and then you have some really weird things in the game like some characters without their respective voice clips, which gives us oddities such as Shadow the Hedgehog with Fox's voice. I mean seriously, would it have been that much...
  6. mario15

    How Does Super Smash Flash Hold Up?

    Yeah, I agree.
  7. mario15

    Smash Wii U Things That Bug you in Smash

    I agree, especially with intensity 9.0, I still don't know how I managed to beat that mode without losing a life, it took me about ten tries, also, this is completely unrelated, but the Dr. Eggman video in your reply is hilarious!
  8. mario15

    How Does Super Smash Flash Hold Up?

    I noticed recently that Super Smash Flash 2 has gotten some attention on this site recently, and it's well deserved, the game is a a faithful adaptation of the Smash Brothers franchise, and it seems like the developers are still working hard on it, despite their aspirations to break new ground...
  9. mario15

    Games Inspired by Super Smash Brothers ?

    Yeah, Super Smash Flash 2 is great, I've never played Rivals of Aether's. I've edited the title of the thread, thanks for the feedback.
  10. mario15

    Games Inspired by Super Smash Brothers ?

    A couple of years ago, I purchased a game that I really shouldn't have. The game was Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL (I'm not kidding), it was basically a fighting game in which you played as your favorite characters from the various shows throughout Cartoon Network's history like...
  11. mario15

    Machinima World : Promoting "The Legend of Zelda : Rise of The Fallen"

    I just finished watching the first episode, it looks like a great series so far, keep it up!
  12. mario15

    Smash Wii U Things That Bug you in Smash

    Super Smash Brothers Wii U is the newest installment in the Super Smash Brothers series, and it's arguably the best one yet, but every game has it's problems, and Super Smash Brothers Wii U is no exception. What are the things you just can't stand in the newest Super Smash Brothers?
  13. mario15

    Smash Ballot Data

    I agree with most of them, but Bayonetta is too risque for Smash.
  14. mario15

    Smash Wii U Classic Mode intensity 9.0, how bad is it?

    Thanks for the tips, unfortunately, I don't have the home run bat equipment, since custom equipment is so hard to find in this game. Fortunately though, (and humorously enough), two days after this thread was made, I did manage to beat intensity 9 without losing a life using Mario equipped with...
  15. mario15

    What characters have you completed 9.0 Classic with?

    That's insane! You must have nerves of steel! Beating it with just one character is tough enough, but the entire cast? I don't think Masihiro Sakurai even expected anyone to beat 9.0 with every character, mind you, this is the same man that put a 1,000,000 vs. matches milestone in the game...
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