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Mario Zelda Fan

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  • holy kow! i thought you werent coming back!!!!!! lol
    nothing new! got my drivers license last month so ive been driving around and doing what most teens do with their lives!
    going to movies, job, school, ect.
    chyea i have an account there but im sad to say im not active there like i am here :(
    are you gonna be more active here now or just dropping by?
    you mean your not coming here anymore????:confused::confused:
    wat do you mean by that?? you have found somewhere else??
    o reallY?? cool!
    i envy you... i could never pick up link in brawl.. he got much heavier and i just CANNOT control heavy! hah
    thats good to hear though
    I did. Because Ness's ground game is pretty big on grabs. I also PK Fire'd and grabbed because you were Ike.

    And Mario was just grabby because you were Ike. later.
    Your Link didn't cease to impress. Only real problem I saw. When you get down by a sum, you become smashey. Usmash and Dsmash are best for damage, use Fsmash and Dair to kill. When I throw you or something, don't Dair. You got punished so much for that. And grabbing. You grab too much, which isn't really a good thing.
    I SD'd a few times. Like how I meant to DJ -> Dair. I did have some great gimps throughout the game.
    My Wii's on, but I'm not online. Like, I'm on wi-fi, but I have the TV set to regular channels.

    I'll host, go to Temple.
    I'm not really in the mood to play as seriously as I'd like. Just had some friendlies that were a nightmare to play.

    I'll host.
    It'd be easier to show you. Can you play now?

    If so, go to Hyrule and keep damaging me.
    Well, when you were playing me, did you notice how you always thought I was dead, and you taunted?

    DK's Up-B cancels all momentum. He literally stops in place once you use it.

    The basic idea is to perform your fastest aerial and DI accordingly.
    Link has a lot of bad matchups. Probably 30 characters have an advantage on him.

    You should check the Link boards more often and learn stuff.

    As for DI, fastfall a Bair as fast as you can, and DJ. If you have a bomb in hand, throw it, Bair, fastfall.
    Other than that, your playstyle was flawless. I think you could take your Link far. Learn Link's really bad matchups and use Marth for those instead.
    I understand that, all of my characters are pretty bad online. Your Falco wasn't as good, probably your worst. He's a good character if you take the time to learn him, but his recovery's just as gimpable as Link's. On wi-fi, anyway. You also can't consistently SHDL, so that was a major setback. Your Ike was a little Fsmashey, but good nonetheless. Your jab cancelling could use some work, because you just constantly rolled behind me.

    The only problems I saw with your general playstyle; you roll. Too much. If you got the first kill, I could always hold a DK Dsmash, and wait until you rolled away from the ledge. Near all of my kills were from doing this.

    And the only other problem I saw; you're too agressive. It's not a bad thing, but your Marth especially suffered from this. The best thing he has at close range is Dancing Blade, which I saw very little of. It's an amazing move, use it more if you're trying to get inside.
    Marth is best played defensively. With a character like Donkey Kong, bait and punish. I baited you, and punished accordingly.

    I'd rate you as a 62%. I mean, it's wi-fi, and I was very impressed with what you were able to do. I saw some consistent powershielding, good swordplay, and smart recoveries. I say 62 because it's wi-fi. You haven't attended anything offline, but I can tell you're getting good.

    Your Lucario wasn't very good. You honestly just shieldgrabbed and rolled the entire game, with the exception of a few midair chains.

    In my humble opinion, you'll get the most success with Link. You're very good with projectiles, and can manage them effectively. Instead of going with a more common high tier, try out Link for awhile. Few people have matchup experience against them, so you're sure to perform well. I actually main Mario and Ness. I just get sick of being heavily outranged by characters like Marth and Lucario.
    I'm actually pretty bad online.

    Though I must say, Link was by far your best character. Your Lucario was terrible, Marth wasn't defensive enough, you don't know how to play Snake, and you used nearly every other high-tier.

    Seriously, though. I was really only impressed by your Link.
    o dont worry it does that to me! most of the time(havent figured out where you can and cant yet) theres something like a button that you can click(it should say show signature or something like that). and its right above the comment box! cant miss it! but im not sure how to permanantly turn it on! ill keep a look out for that though
    yea now that i think about it thats not such a smart idea! lol they should fix that!
    i pretty sure there isnt an automatic subscribe button to tell you the truth.
    you subscribe to CERTAIN threads you want. cant subscribe to all of them
    so what was that about subscriptions???????
    i jsut found out how to subscribe to threads!
    is there anything about that your still unsure of??
    DO IT!!!
    lol yea youll find your place here easily! it just takes a couple days to get into the swing of things!
    well i know my way around pretty good and all, i was just saying that because i had not heard of "subscriptions" before lol.

    well since you said that all of this is just smash, im here to prove you wrong!!
    lol i suggest starting out in any of the sections under "general Discussion"
    this is where all the non-smash stuff is!! its all just about fun and random subjects that you will find interesting!

    or you can go the light house! that place is just about ALL gaming!
    theres a poke center if you enjoy pokemon(such as myself lol)
    and theres a section called the pit stop thats dedicated to F-zero!!(its never very active though...)

    but i would check out any of this to start!! lol
    sure ill help!!
    but first order of business.... i have no clue what you mean by subscriptions!!
    since ive only been here just a few shrot weeks myself lol
    but what abbrieviations are you having a hard time understanding??
    no no thats fine! lol

    i hate it when it wont let me post short comments such as that!
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