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Recent content by Mapes

  1. Mapes

    Are These Controller Mods Legal?

    They're not illegal but holy **** that company has the worst notches I've ever seen, it looks like they've just hacked at the gates semi randomly. They really obviously have no idea what the actual purpose of Melee notches is or that there's a careful process they need to be made and tested by...
  2. Mapes

    Shai Drop Update: Detailed Guide + Frame Data

    This is true, specifically the buffer is 6 frames. I tested in frame step with UCF and used magus input display to check my stick remained completely in place after moving down to the notch during shield hitlag/shield stun to rule out your second possibility. You can roll to the notch to buffer...
  3. Mapes

    Detailed Throws, Techs, and Getups Frame Data

    Something I noticed playing around with the sword/spacie getup rolls that don't have intangibility for the first few frames is that that effect only occurs if you lie in missed tech on your back (DownWaitU) for at least one frame beforehand - if you buffer the getup roll out of the bounce...
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