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  • where the cheese is the love man? and your new avatar makes mine look really good....by the way.... :).... did you know that radio isotopes disprove the organic theoretinicity of carbon dating?
    if i do make it, do you have a partner for low tier teams? i actually have a really good ness/pt
    What up "Clutch." Just added you as my friend. It feels pretty good to be a buddie with one of the best lucas in Texas. Just Joking. On Vacation right now but as soon as i get back we should train and have a few man to man lessons. Anyway just saying hi.
    I would have nowhere to stay DX. Sadly my dad would probably flip **** unless he knew where when etc etc... I don't know...
    Haha, thanks. Made it myself =]. The 20th... I will see if I can grab a ride with someone, or drive down myself. Not too sure, but I don't think I have anything going on that day. Just a one day thing right?
    lol sux i live in austin so were an okay distance from most places. i think the next hobo is like in july or somethin im probably wrong
    Hey, if I can convince certain people that it's ok for me to go, I'd drive. I used to drive out there every summer so I know all the places to stop. :) But it's very 10/90 % of a no.... I just figured I'd give you fair warning incase it changes.
    o(embarrassing ) thanks you re welcome and well how you go with the tourney's fine or most i think so jiji

    hi magitek be carefull i heart that in some parts of us the swine flu illness is infecticting not a much people but take a some preventions ok animo (hugs magitek )

    im fine in this area don't have for the moment nothing flagged no one infected with that but i heart that a friend of a friend die for a flu yesterday but maybe is only a coincidence if not well i would know it in the news

    ok kid i understand that but in sometimes that feels too painfully and well go ahead with the tourneys ok meanwhile i will be here for a a week +or- ok us because a flu a porky flu that is in alert many areas of mexico

    o ok if you want but i like to have in sometimes a good talk ok and to someone pay attention ok

    well is because a two points one is for not talk anymore so that makes me understand that im a stubborn for you and for you be fine the correct that i have to do is go and the second is because i can feel i someone feel fear about myself and because of that i don't want to that persons feel it so i just go us nothing else ok magi so good bye and have a long and happy life .....
    hi sorry for be only a stubborn i will go know please forgive .....sigh....sigh me bye..........
    dude im so gona be at hobo 16 and thx i love my avatar yours = epic hopefully we can do some friendlies
    Hey what time does your last class end tomorrow?
    Did you wanna get some matches in?
    hola Magitek animo animo animo " namino na ri inirunari nethera nara temo a riuni nare namina temo i cushinade neteranara temo sono durinari "singing for you ok so animo Magitek

    allright tight well yeah i should be going..and im aiming to put myself at the top of the TX Pit tree. im tired of getting no rep
    hi Magitek I think you're a really cool guy and that your sig is too good, and that your Lucas is well on its way to being best in the world!

    ...hi Magitek i see the results of WHOBO but hey that don't change anything that already i say ok so animo animo ok you can do it

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