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Recent content by maelstrom218

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    Any good tips on getting good at C. Falcon?

    The hitbox doesn't really extend below the stage, so sweetspotting would nullify that. It'd also be hard to time, sort of. IIRC, u-tilt and d-air extend below the stage, although d-air can be meteor cancelled. Honestly, there's generally better on-stage edgeguarding options--u-tilt, b-air...
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    Any good tips on getting good at C. Falcon?

    Aside from what everyone else said, you'll want to learn how to punish properly with techchasing. A lot of the damage that Falcon dishes out doesn't come out from n-air juggles anymore (since everyone and their mom knows how to DI/SDI out of those), it's a lot more about converting hits off...
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    So... how far are we gonna go? (Brawl+)

    Orca, the issue with constant tweaking is knowing exactly what to tweak, and how often (big surprise there). I think the majority of old-school Melee smashers can agree that removing tripping, adding in dashdancing, and adding in hitstun is nothing less than a godsend. But once you get...
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    The "Metaknight should/will be banned" thread.

    The issue of banning, as SamuraiPanda already pointed out, is pretty simple: if you're going to ban a character, the only situation that would warrant it is if the said character is so broken, that no other character has a fair chance. Meaning that, when it comes down to tourney...
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    I'm loving this physics engine

    Yeah, I know. Mario could even do the b-air -> sex kick in one short hop back in Melee, but it's just that it was impractical because of the near frame perfect timing. SH u-air -> double jump was also not that great. . .not good for combos, but okay for shield pressure options maybe. But...
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    I'm loving this physics engine

    I'm sure this is all old news to you guys. . .but I was fooling around with Mario during one of my Brawl binges, and I found out that this god-awful physics engine that's so horribly floaty and slow does have its benefits. For example, Mario can--for the first time ever--do two b-airs in one...
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    What are Mario's best forms of approach?

    Fireball as an approach option is pretty much out the window. The inability to fastfall them, buffer a dash after them, or do ANYTHING out of them makes them much less versatile than they were in Melee. Outside of general long-range spamming, there's not that much to use them for. As far...
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    How have you had trouble adjusting?

    The hardest part to adapt to is the fact that the entire system for movement is different. Wavedashing is out, so that means precise movement is impossible. Dash-dancing timing is different and overall toned down, so I also can't control movement speed/distance. And the worst part is that I...
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    New fast technique

    Holy crap. This buffered landing dash is so sweet. I CAN ACTUALLY FOLLOW UP ON HITS NOW. Speeds up the game quite a bit too, especially for characters whose b-airs end before landing. Nice find, and kudos to you.
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    All Characters Unlocked < 2 Hours

    Wow. Thank you very much. I was actually looking for a way to unlock everyone sans the tedious process of long and involved matches. Many thanks.
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    Dashing Shield Cancel *Potentially very important*

    Interesting. This is EXACTLY what a wavedash is. A wavedash, in short, let you move a certain distance forward or back while being able to execute any ground attack. This tech accomplishes the same exact thing--you force your character to move a set amount of distance (by cancelling the...
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    On the Importance of Naming Names

    This tomfoolery with the naming of advanced tactics needs to end immediately. The function of a name is two-fold: first, to create consistency. For example, if a weapon of mass destruction--like the Death Star--is created, and I name it "Obliteration Bringer" while my pal Grand Moff Tarkin...
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    New Tecnique. DLX-Hit-cancel.

    Uh. . .this is in every other fighting game in existence. It's called linking/chainging/gatling, where one normal (on the ground attack) can be cancelled into the next. It's nothing new. So why are you throwing out a new name for it?
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    Its impossible for Brawl to NOT be competitive.

    I'll respond to this part of your post, because the other part discussing how SWF is a small minority of Melee's overall fanbase opens up a huge can of worms that'd I'd rather not disturb. And worms are gross, so. . .let's leave that be. Actually, R/P/S is a very good example. This may get...
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    Its impossible for Brawl to NOT be competitive.

    Well, that was the point I was trying to make. There are two aspects to a game that give it depth: the actual game engine itself, and technical glitches--the ones that appear a few years down the road once most of the exploits have been discovered. My points is that Melee had depth in both...
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