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  • About the thing BB code guide, it's actually in the User Guide under the Navigation and Settings section, under sub-section...FAQ. So I didn't add it.

    And lol.
    Know that I deleted your BB code guide and put up a a link to the already made one in the User Guide.
    Thanks for trying to do something though.
    ehhhhhh yeah ur probly rite
    and yeah i know how it feels to have a moderator who doesnt like you >.>

    Real ****ing annoying
    You now have ownership, just take off all the ratios people said in the first and third post of the thread and put them in a text file or something. Cuz you can only have a certain number of images.
    Haha, don't worry about it. As long as I know that you love my Riku, it's A-OK. :3c
    You would be assuming right there.
    I said that the statement didn't prove I was a guy. I never said I wasn't one. :glare:

    It's so hard to tell over the Internetz, lol. :awesome:
    I still love you too. Strong homo. <3

    Oh, and take advantage of the situation, if it arrives. As for now, she is taken.
    oh hey i just noticed the message you put on my profile
    my birthday is on my profile
    but its 12th of septeember just so you know
    Now wouldn't this be awkward if it turns out I'm a girl. :3

    Let's talk passionately about oranges.

    Oranges. Mmmmmmm, how I love those orange little spheres. So juicy!!!!! <3
    Well, have you at least checked up on it? I think I saw someone post in it today or yesterday. ^_^
    If I didn't know better I would guess it was DJ Rave, but I'm not sure.

    I would have joined, but I never know when I'll be able to play. For example, I couldn't play Brawl at all today. *Shudders uncontrollable and starts rocking in chair*
    Have we resorted to begging? I'll have to consider it. You would do best to put it out of your mind Harry.

    Yes, I did just quote a movie. :embarrass:

    By the by, how's your tourney going? Do you have enough people yet? :050:
    I just don't feel like telling. <3

    Nothing ever could, you know. :023:

    Am I a squirrel, you ask? Not the last time I checked.
    1. There's a reason I crossed out that word, you know.
    2. I don't have to be a girl to say that. :040:

    Edit - Not saying what I am, though. <3
    Oh, well. I can't blame you, because I'm not either. Yet, at least. :awesome:

    I called you that to show the length of our love friendship. <3 Forgive me, dear!
    Skai, Wikipedia is a huge spoiler, lol. I'm not reading that.

    Sometimes I like to read about games before I get them, but not this one. <3

    Are you familiar with Touhou? I was talking to someone about them recently, and it looks interesting. :050:
    And by no spoilers, I mean no more things that will spoil the game for me. I don't mean make them regular color, lol. :040:
    Now why would you do that. D: No more spoilers, please! ^_^

    I will be looking forward to that, though. I loved the UFO in Kirby's Adventure. <3
    Train ability? Awesome! I don't think I could hate a Kirby-train if I tried. <3

    Have you beaten it? I'm going to try to get it this weekend. ~_~
    Alrighty then, thanks! You're always looking out for me. <3

    Oh, and I'm still wondering about the Kirby. Sooo? ^_^
    Gosh! <3

    You know what, my withdrawal is making me giddy. Maybe I'll start it tomorrow. ^_^

    Have you played Kirby's Epic Yarn? <--
    I'm hoping to get it soon. :D
    Oh, that's nice I suppose. :3

    I really must start reading DN Angel this weekend. I'm having some kind of withdrawal. <3

    Oh, you mean the original Pokemon? Interesting! I only ever watched the Anime, myself. Tell me how it goes! :040:
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