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Recent content by M4ge

  1. M4ge

    Le Lazy Lurking Link's Listen/Laugh Lounge ♪~ (^ 。^=)

    Hey there. At the Link AiB boards, a discussion came up about what will happen when Smash 4 comes out. Odds are by that time a lot of the Link players who held a grudge will either be gone, or will get over it, so its likely most of the community will move back here. Perhaps one of you guys can...
  2. M4ge

    FNB North presents: L.I.R.R. - STREAM: http://www.twitch.tv/vVv_Chibosempai

    I hope there is a Marvel setup. Plz announce what console it's for if there is one.
  3. M4ge

    Illmatic's fate rests in YOUR hands, THE FULL STORY IS ON POST 1 AND 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marth would be great to pick up.
  4. M4ge

    Uprise of Long Island #5

    Fun stuff guys.
  5. M4ge

    Pane Presents : The Search For Knightmare516 - Brooklyn, NY.

    Shoutouts once again for Rapture for giving me and the other LI kids a ride, can't wait till your MK Snake Marth is gdlk. Good stuff to everyone.
  6. M4ge

    Uprise of Long Island #4

    Shoutouts to Rapture for giving me, Minty, and Viva rides. Ultimate bro right there. Good stuff to everyone too.
  7. M4ge

    BBC1 Results 4/30

  8. M4ge

    Uprise of Long Island #3! 4/23/11

    John making Johns I see. I need to get back in the lab and learn how to play stuff again, good stuff guys.
  9. M4ge

    Uprise of Long Island #2! 4/16/11

    Fun day.Good stuff guys.
  10. M4ge

    Uprise of Long Island #3

    If only I had a portable TV that was bigger than 8 inches :( A tournament that's within driving distance of my house? Sounds awesome :)
  11. M4ge

    Imperial Era 3 Results

    It doesn't beat aura spheres really and your fairs outspace it from above. Tbh I forgot how I played in our match because I lost focus after making so many mistakes haha.
  12. M4ge

    Imperial Era 3 Results

    Shoutouts to all, I need to get better :( Specifics: 1: Jtails- ****** me in doubles 1 stock at a time. 3: NinjaLink- My Laguna's gonna be at least 90 by PB6, more DDFF there pl0x. 4: John12346- A series of wtfs, misfortunes, and situational moves happened iirc. I need to learn how to play...
  13. M4ge

    Poly Springfest Results! 3/12/11

    Fun stuff to everyone, some odd people around in terms of animecon but all around it was pretty neat.
  14. M4ge

    Poly Springfest tourny!

    Hopefully there won't be any difficulties getting in.
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