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    Do you find Lucina boring to watch (or even play)

    I think for most people "consistent"- basic characters like lucina, ike etc. are just not as fun to watch as more explosive characters. It's like if you watch soccer and you have one of these wishy-washy-games where nothing really happens and someone rarely strikes a goal. Explosive chars are...
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    Anyone willing to help me train a little bit for my first ultimate tournament

    Tbh you don't need to train bevore your first tourney. People often go with the mindset that they have to do well on their first tournament but you don't. The tournament is the place where you truly train since there is no input delay as well as really good players that can give you advise. It's...
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    I Choose You! A Pokémon Trainer Matchup Thread!

    Against pichu space him out with ivy. Don't approach at all and try to dodge his attacks to let it rack up dmg itself. Pichu is very hard to punish due to its low ending lag so you gotta abuse movement as much as possible and when you get in once you can kill it really early with downthrow ->...
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    Will Inkling get nerfed?

    Tbh roller is just a noobdistroyer. Somebody who knows how to play around it isn't going to get hit by it unless you hardread him. When you go to tournaments people usually don't get hit by it and inkling does struggle to kill then. I do understand why people want it to be nerfed tho. Obviously...
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    How to Bounce off shield with down air?

    When you fastfall (press down while airborne) while down-airing you go trough shields. If not you bounce off them
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    Will Inkling get nerfed?

    I don't think he was serious...
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    No John's

    No John's
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    Anyone else finding Robin lacking?

    I think they made it so thoron gets more use. If it still lasted forever everyone would just Arc thunder to smash attack to kill and thoron would be kinda underused like in smash 4. I like it tbh
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    Wolf Inkling

    What exactly gives you trouble against inkling?
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    Lf group Austria/Germany

    There are some weekly events and monthly tournaments in stuttgart i wanted to visit soon. If you're wanting to go there you can join me :)
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    Peach and Controller Configurations

    So like TownOfCrown already noted i'd generally always go for the jump shoulderbutton because that way you can jump, use the c-stick for aerials and simultaneously tilt your L-stick into the direction you want to move. Makes your aerialgame much more fluent IMO. Also worth noting that reverse...
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    Dthrow Options/Mix-Ups

    Downthrow-uptilt is pretty fast if you try to hit them while grounded and is really hard to mash out in time. It also can kill at certain percents.
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    Which one would be better to get, Pro Controller or GC Controller?

    Unfortunately no. The wired pro controller actually has more input lag than the wireless for some weird reason.. Look it up on youtube: switch pro controller: wired vs wireless latency test
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    Will Inkling get nerfed?

    I don't think any nerfs/buffs are happening anytime soon. The game is way too early for that and the meta is shifting too much. They mostly focus on bug fixes and stuff like that first so no worrys. Just enjoy the character and even if he gets nerfed there's no such thing as an unviable...