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  • Nah it's how Falco plays and I don't disrespect that
    I just hate Falco and Snake lol
    I'm out for the day, but you can contact my Skype it's Tis.Nido. Late jn the afternoon is best time for me
    Usually mash buttons, sometimes try specific input to get an AR. ^^
    No I'm definitely NOT Luco's brother
    I live in da bess state Victoria
    Yes we should play some games, who do you main?
    Yep. i'm online. ^_^

    EDIT: Okidokie. Goog games, lux! ^_^

    We should talk over AIM ha.
    K, send me a message and i'll add you then. ^_^

    After our games though hehe.
    Actually? What's your username? I'll add you ^_^

    And I can probably play a few. I'm still waking up so it might be a little slow the first few matches ha.
    Organize? It's more of an impromptu thing. He's on, i'm on, we see each other and decide to play a few games.

    I'd love to try again tomorrow. I think our games are getting closer and closer...
    I'm trying to get in to a game with wave... you should come online! ^_^
    I don't use skype or anything like that except for AIM. Your best bet is there. It's free to register so I definitely recommend ^^

    I'm 'OberinDraco' on it if you add me. :)
    It's up to you. I've always believed that with enough work you can achieve the win, it's not that i'm good or bad. It'd be a nice dream to win a major tournament one day but i know if ever I was to do that... well basically it's a long way off haha. :)
    I meant when I was versing you. I seem to recall that you were using his insane jab combos? Maybe i'm wrong...

    Also i'm taking the optimistic view, if Shaky got Ness to finish winner of mid tier tournament and top 8 in like everything else at WHOBO 4, i've gotta be optimistic and say Ike can do stuff. :p
    I had no idea that ike even had a spammy/amazing jab, much less that he was actually competitively viable haha. I've learnt a lot since then. :D
    For sure! It's comforting to know that we can play each other without one person destroying the other. I feel like i'm getting better! I'm so excitedfor the next tournament.
    I wish! This ethernet/internet cable only connects to one computer, thus why I can get on smashboards but can't play online.

    I'll be back in december and my brother will be back in late december, thus why i'm hoping there'll be a tournament late January. ^_^
    Yea but all of those can be punished eventually when the person gets lucky. :p
    Yea, so you'd keep at it. Or you hit them/take a stock off them and put yourself where they can't get you. One of the few cases of true stalling i've ever seen, though online it seems like nobody cares anyway soooo.... :p
    Well it's good on stages where you can just stay around the stage and avoid people who try to get you. But I mean spamming laser until you get below the stage. That way the likelihood is that one or two lasers will hit them because of the increased rate of fire in the air.

    And yea, once it's gone, it's gone but you can keep it for a long, long while. It's like having your own personal temporary platform! :D
    Best stalling technique ever lol. I'm so doing it online one time. Then as i'm coming down from the top, spam laser till I get below the stage and repeat. :D
    Hehehe, I figured out how to do your infinite falco jump with green shell.

    Actually, was that you, or was it died? Man, now I can't remember...
    Well, look for me in december sometime. I'm hoping i'll get back by late december. Or January. I'm flying out tomorrow. Ttyl! ^_^
    True enough, wi-fi is a bad indicator, I definitely agree.

    I dunno though, we'll have to verse at one point to really test that out. I definitely feel i've had huge leaps and bounds since my last tournament, if nothing else.

    Also... 'bugging' isn't... I wasn't trying to.... agh forget it. I know what you mean though and I take your point, just that by 'bugging' I just meant 'hanging around'. :p
    Well I don't mean any offense when I say that falco felt like a +1 in my favour compared to versing marth that day... Snake felt like a -1 or -2, nothing special. :p

    Also, good news is i'm staying for another week. Still can't come to the tournament but will be on the boards bugging you all if nothing else! :p
    Haw haw, I admit i'm very eager to play the crew with my new skills. Hoping to take a win against invisi and perhaps not get 2-stocked by Shaya. :D
    Nah my mum's wedding is on this weekend. =(

    It's ok, i'll be back for good in December. I'll keep practicing till then ^_^
    Ahh yea. I might join, still unsure at this point. Still, fun to play all of you again ^_^
    I'm not sure if i'll join mmgn just to put up the friend code... but if you're on there, feel free to put it up.

    Lemme find the code.

    Okie, here's the code:


    Oh, and if we're doing titles, I love 'Luco the PSI dragon'. :p
    Nope, still using wiichuk for everything. I've been developing though, just the other day I learnt how to zap jump ---> Magnet Pull with a wiichuk so i'm pretty happy. As for the SH Uairs i occasionally pulled out, those are mostly luck. :p
    Hey was that you I played today online? There are so many Lux's on this board haha :p
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