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    The Smasher's Ballad: Urbosa, Daruk, and Revali

    For context, I made the Mipha thread myself first, then this thread was made. That's fine with me.
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    The Mayor of New Donk City: Pauline for Smash Switch!

    Good eye, I looked it up and it's based off this image from Yes Precure 5
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    Tom Nook For Smash Bros. Ultimate: Double Final Smash Duty (New Horizons Avaiable Now!!)

    I'm surprised that this thread has been completely abandoned, especially since Byleth proves 1st parties are still on the table and New Horizons is right around the corner.
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    New Style Boutique - Style Savvy for Smash Switch!

    If we're in need of alts, this video gives us it. Between the main model and the 6 poster girls for the different styles of fashion in Trendsetters, we have 7 great variations. The final slot could then be filled by one of the other models at the end or literally anyone from the games (my...
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    Blazing Player, Cinderace for Smash!

    Out of the 3 starter evos, Cinderace jumped out to me the most from the start and it's the one I chose, so I'm definitely down for it to be in smash. I can see Pyro Ball being a sort of chargeable projectile where the more keepie uppies you do the stronger it is when fired, and you can dribble...
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    Girl's got like 60ish different forms that are ripe for alts (7 different sweets with matching colours, and a strawberry rainbow swirl one) a Gmax form and can make missiles out of cream, why are we not pushing this queen? Like, when are we gonna get the chance to put sentient food in Smash again?
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    I mean teeeeeechnically she's Crypton Future Media's property, as she's also appeared in Bamco games and a whole bunch of other games from different companies. But yeah, pipe dream :urg:.
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    It's gonna be Miku and y'all are gonna LIKE IT
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    Marching to Victory- Falinks Support Thread

    The best Kirby enemy. I still can't get over how smart the design is; basing it off the Phalanx formation. Like, who thinks of that? I love it. If they're not a playable character (which they should be, everyone loves them) then they should definitely be a new Pokeball summon next time around...
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    The Last Unicorn: Galarian Ponyta for Smash~

    My Little Ponyta~ Who is Galarian Ponyta? Pretty much what it says on the tin: a regional variation of Ponyta native to Galar. This version of Ponyta is pure Psychic, has an adorable horn, and looks very magical. It was revealed during a 24 hour livestream that mimicked a wildlife camera...
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    Realistically, one of the starters. Wishfully, I'd love to see Galarian Ponyta. When else do we have the chance to get a magic unicorn into Smash? It's got the telekinetic powers for doing all the things you need hands for, and a magical forest as a home stage.
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    Shrine Maiden of Paradise ~ Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project)

    So i finally got around to making a moveset for our girl. I envisioned her design as from SWR-esque games, with 2 yin-yang orbs floating at her sides like that twitter post a while back. I tried only taking slight inspiration from the fighting games, cause I didn't just wanna put her in move...
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    What about Toadette and an army of Toads at her disposal. In Paper Jam she was said to be the brains of the crafting creations while the Toads were just the manual labour, so the same thing carries over to Smash. She could be our first sentry character, or our first summoner, and she's gained...
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    Honestly? Clefairy. If y'all thought Hero's RNG was bad, wait til you get a face full of Metronomes. I'd see Metronome just choose from a list of certain character's moves at random (i.e. Mario's fireball, Peach's Turnip, FE Counter, Nayru's Love, etc.) with the occasional self harming Explosion...
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    Shrine Maiden of Paradise ~ Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project)

    I mean he can already create some bangin games and music and visuals and outfits, he's gotta have some flaws. He's better at drawing anatomy than me anyway.
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