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    Good Secondaries for Falco?

    I generally recommend anyone that can deal with Pikachu and Pichu. Some general characters I can recommend are Marcina, Snake, Olimar. Others I recommend, albeit with more polarizing MUs are G&W and Ness. Personally my pick is Marcina since aside from the rats, they can deal with the more...
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    Early falco combo-crafting

    I've labbed out all of the frame advantage for SHFF FAir and NAir. I'm currently testing the follow-ups with DI and SDi, so some follow-ups like grab aren't consistent 100% of the time.
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    Falco Is Horrid

    I think this is where the problem is for you. We all know his lasers aren't the best in this game, and they shouldn't be used too often. Imo, falco has pretty solid frame data aside from dair and lasers. My friends and I agree that falco isn't exactly the easiest character to pick up, and you'd...
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    Important Falco's Tournament Representation

    KKon 2016 Hawaii Hawaii's biggest tourney, and my very first. Repped the bird the whole time. 33rd out of 128. Won at least 1 game every set. In winners, lost 2-1 to a Luigi/Olimar, set was pretty even. In losers, lost 2-1 to a Corrin, also very even. Both guys told me I had a solid bird, and...
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    Falco Discord Server!

    Hi, I'd like to join the group as well
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    "Who WAS That?" The Player-Finder Thread

    Fought a pretty good Shulk with the tag Jimmy/ NNID: Yanaru95. Destroyed all my secondaries and went pretty even with my Cloud. Shulk dittos were fun too :P My tag was DaZe
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