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    What type of Smasher are You?

    I'm a casual smasher, and it will likely stay that way. :)
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    Ludington, MI - Smashing the Backstage - October 16th

    Ludington is not that far from where I live, I'll try to come, if I learn more about Smash tournaments first.
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    Brawl vs. Melee Research Project

    I took the survey! :) I'm just sorry to say I know nothing about tournaments.
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    What stage do you miss the most?

    I couldn't agree more!! :flame:
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    What stage do you miss the most?

    Pokefloats- Great music and a great idea Fourside- It has several skyscrapers and a UFO! What's not to love? Mushroom Kingdom: Just classic, so much fun. Princess Peach's Castle: A Banzai Bill and a great place for Bowser and Mario to have a showdown. Mushroom Kingdom II: You get to smack...
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    Mario Universe Super Mario Galaxy 2

    This game is likely my favorite game EVER!
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    Favorite Mario Game! Which Are Yours?

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best! Why isn't it on the poll? :/
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    We lost one of our own yesterday - In loving memory of Nnja

    R.I.P to I'm sure a very worthy Smash Bros. opponent. :'(
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    So I broke my last good Gamecube controller

    I'd buy a gamecube controller, a used OFFICIAL Nintendo-made controller. It would work better than a classic controller and it would feel more familiar.
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    Dusting off the N64

    I gotta get the cartridge one day. Just for the joy of playing it on the console it was meant to be played on. :D
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    The Convenience of Smash 64 over Melee/Brawl

    I mostly play it because I'm too lazy to pop the discs of the sequels in my Wii. All I have to do for the first is grab the Wii remote, press start and get going! XD
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    Who's your main in Smash 64?

    Name: Luigirocks96 Main: Luigi :)
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    Old M&G - Now you may make your own intro thread!

    Hello, I am Luigirocks96, I played Melee first when I was 7 and love the trilogy with all my heart. I found out about this forum from Super Smash Bros Wiki and was eager to join! I hope to see you all in the forums!