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Recent content by Lt. Sykes

  1. Lt. Sykes

    Love his Gun.

    Wolf is gimped only slightly less than the Belmont’s but if you’re looking for a style similar to Marcina with a projectile then Wolf and Corrin are definitely your best bets on that for sure. Best part about blaster is also how it hits in close and can keep your spacing in your favor. Just keep...
  2. Lt. Sykes

    Hardest MUs?

    Toughest for me so far: ROB, Ness, Donkey Kong, Mii Sword fighter, Pichu Need more experience but not looking good so far for me either: Bowser Jr, Little Mac, Fox, Greninja It’s weird because I think Wolf does better than Fox overall in the game, but I think Fox is strong against Wolf in...
  3. Lt. Sykes

    Wolf 2.0.0 patch speculation

    I would find it silly if they were to try and take away the side b combos from Wolfs game, and I say this solely based on the fact that it’s an entirely high risk high reward maneuver that’s used situationally. If you don’t know the exact percentages it’s possible and perfectly time them and...
  4. Lt. Sykes

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    I never felt like Wolf was a terrific offensive character in Brawl. Wolf is an underrated character in Brawl and is only as low as he is due to the chaingrabs, and because of those largely had to be defensive. There aren’t chaingrabs in Ultimate, and Nintendo is likely to nerf or take out things...
  5. Lt. Sykes

    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Wolf is so much better in this game than he was in Brawl. People who pick up wolf and write him off right away really need to take a better look at him. No kill setups? His up air can kill fairly reliably and he has lots of moves that launch his opponents into an unfavorable position for...
  6. Lt. Sykes

    Crash 1! Philadelphia PA

    Okay thanks for the info! I don't have a ride atm so I may not be able to go. (I have a license just no car to drive) but if I do go I should be able to bring a wii.
  7. Lt. Sykes

    Crash 1! Philadelphia PA

    I'm new but I was wondering if I could go to this? It's not too far from me, and I haven't done any tournaments before; however, I really want to get into tournaments and I might be able to go tomorrow so I was wondering if I would be allowed, and if so am I allowed to use my classic controller...
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