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  • Thanks a lot bro! I sincerely appreciate it...hey never say never! That did help some, but yes--if you still remember, I'd love the details on how you used to play Pit and how to properly use arrows to restrict movement and to find habits. What types of habits do you look out for? Also, what kind of gameplay/strategy do you think is best w/ Pit? How would you go about building damage/KOing w/ him?

    Just asking all these questions to spark your memory because I truly want to become an amazing Pit, but vets like you reallly help!

    We talked on Aib. It doesn't matter if you remember me or not. Anyways, what kinds of things helped you as a Pit main? How did you play smartly w/ him? What type of things do you think he's capable of? How can I become a beast Pit main?
    hey man, i know we talked a little earlier. Dude, just pass down all your Pit knowledge to me! I will greatly appreciate it!
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