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    Atlantic North KnightFest 2017

    Clarkson University Student Center Multi Purpose Conference Rooms Potsdam, NY Venue $5 Main Events (Wii U Singles, Wii U Doubles, Melee Singles, Melee Doubles) $5 Side Events (Mario Kart DS) Free ---Tenative Event Schedule--- (Subject to Change) 11 AM...
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    49% True F-throw Combo

    not sure if this is D-I able i know through using sour bair to jab lock its possible to confirm into 60+ percent in a string like tis on much of the cast at 0% It looks good it just seems so wacky that in this instance it was true. did you test it on more than just bayo...
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    Newly Updated Crew Thread

    We Are Team SaBeR We are (8-4) and we are the Largest Discord Based Multi-platform Sm4sh Crew. Born On Anthers Ladder as a small 3ds crew of just under 10 members, SaBeR has seen tremendous and exponential growth as a Multiplatform crew and force in the Crew Community since its foundation in...
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    Important Matchup Chart Project 2015 - Calling Roy Mains!

    Bowser + Bowser Jr - Captain Falcon + Charizard 0 Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong 0 Duck Hunt + Falco 0 Fox - Mr. Game & Watch 0 Ganondorf 0 Greninja - Ike 0 Jigglypuff 0 King Dedede + Kirby 0 Link 0 Little Mac - Lucario + Luigi 0 Mario 0 Dr. Mario 0 Marth + Lucina 0 Metaknight - Ness - Olimar...
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    Data Roy Patch Discussion (current patch: 1.1.5)

    ROy plz dont be nerfed
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    [Fri. July 24th] | Stratos Weekly | Hosted by Stratos Smash (STR)

    made it later in the day for u west coasters
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    [Fri. July 24th] | Stratos Weekly | Hosted by Stratos Smash (STR)

    looks like i have to postpone once more
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    Will Of '''D's | 3DS Bi-Weekly Smash Bros Tournament Series Every Sunday @ 1:00 PM EST [Streamed]

    any way we can start at 4 instead ill have to forfeit... : (
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    [Fri. July 24th] | Stratos Weekly | Hosted by Stratos Smash (STR)

    spread the word to jojo evan fob james all those guys
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    [July 20th, 2015] Smash 3ds Doubles tournament

    if you wanna do singles sign up for my tourney
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    [Fri. July 24th] | Stratos Weekly | Hosted by Stratos Smash (STR)

    Hiya everyone, So i wanted to host a tournament. I run a clan and upstate New York called Stratos Smash and i while i may not be the best within my own squad i wanted to help spread word of our name and scout some future prospects ; ) Its open to anyone and for those of you in the 3DS community...
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    [July 16th] Thursday Night Smash Down Wii U and 3DS Tournament

    If you need someone to organize the 3ds bracket im your guy.
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