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  • Thats life^^
    I was addicted to WoW long time ago xD
    And so many other games^^
    They are just fun to play, as long as you dont get dilipidated, it is ok :)

    Thanks for the games, they were really awesome :)

    I'm looking forward to our next games :)

    (My Ganon is really ******, isnt he? >:])
    Hey, your online. Have left some time for brawling now? (just give me a few minutes to get online)
    I'm afraid, we can't play the next days. Today for sure not. And next week i continue going to work (i was sick this week, so i was at home and had time^^).

    Good games too. But below your standard.

    Anyways, thanks for the compliment. I didn't think i played Diddy well, but i'm confident :)

    Thx for playing :)
    Well then... Thanks for the information^^

    I would have never thought about Diddy :p

    Lets see where we will end up...
    Apropos: In the beginning of me playing Brawl, MK was my main xD
    But then i got really bad with him, so i switched to Link, then to Marth, then to Bowser, then to Mario, and now... Again MK?^^ Yeah, why not... Maybe i'm really best with him...
    Well, then... Think about it next time nonehteless ;)

    Really? Is my Diddy that good?^^
    Yes, of course :)

    You should try to get more grabs into your sonic-game ;)
    Thats why i hate Sonic: He grabs you, throws you, and even before you can yell "ouch" or something, he grabs you again. Really annoying -_-

    The 3 player fights were nice, we should repeat that some day xD

    Maybe i should main Lucario and Jigglypuff? xD
    Yeah, your Falcon is really nice. You are not such a crazy spammer like many guys which play him :)

    You know what you are doing^^
    Good games :)

    My Lucario seems to cause some problems for you ;P

    One thing you might think about in the future: Don't spam Warios F-Smash. I know that it is an amazing move and all. But Wario should be most of the time in the air. So there is no need for spamming F-Smash.

    Anyways, good games :)
    No problem^^
    I'm now afk for dinner. In at least 25 minutes we can play, if you still can/want then :)
    No problem ;)

    Thanks for playing, i enjoyd it as always :)

    Thanks for the compliment :)

    You did also very well. I hate your Falco xD
    He is really amazing^^
    Uh, i'm sorry that i didn't answer =/
    After my mother decided to occupie the TV and i had a book to read, i left the computer to my sister, so i didn't see your post. I'm really sorry dude =/

    Well, i have seen you last week, but you talked to someone, and i didn't want to disturb ;)

    But thanks for asking, i'm a bit sick right now, but all in all i'm fine :)

    How about you? :)
    Deal! ( i will not lose. your gonna have to listen to caramelldansen for 12 hours! muhahahahaha!)
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