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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    It said that Java wasn't recognized as a command. I'm gonna reinstall Java entirely in case that's somehow the problem. Edit: Java was now recognized as a command, and from the error it gave I figured out the problem - I had accidentally double-clicked my ISO and mounted it, so CrazyHand...
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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    Still doesn't work. Is there anything I might be able to add to it to make it work?
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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    I adjusted my Controller settings, but that's it. I don't see an options.cfg...?
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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    I'm having an odd technical issue. The program ran just fine the first time I tried it, but after I ran it in Dolphin once that command proceeded to stop working, and upon closing and reopening it, it now lets me select the ISO and then... closes. It doesn't even pop an error message, the...
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    Social Mii Swordfighter Social: Guide Hype

    I've been picking Swordfighter up while on vacation with only my 3DS. He's pretty fun, plus he lets me imagine a universe where SaGa gets Smash representation.
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    What Mii Fighters have you created?

    My Swordfighter main is the Minstrel from Romancing SaGa. Yeah, I don't think anyone here knows who that is.
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    Mii Swordfighter Costume DLC Specualtion

    I want something that uses a rapier (so I can make a proper Albert from Romancing SaGa) and some costumes that reskin the swords to like axes or something.
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    DDD Skype Group!

    Edit: lol nevermind
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    DDD Skype Group!

    I'm down. lilfut322
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    Which Ganon costume do you use

    Gotta rock that green Kokiri Warrior Ganon.
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    The Ultimate Wii U Ganondorf Community Video Project

    I'd also like to recommend Raoh's theme from the Hokuto no Ken game, since in addition to fitting Ganondorf well Raoh is also the character a lot of Ganondorf's moves (particularly aerial FC) and playstyle were based on.
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    Awakening the Voice - Tiki for DLC! *Go to sleep...and wait... *

    you son of a ***** (nah its cool)
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    The Ultimate Wii U Ganondorf Community Video Project

    We could always wait for replay sharing to go live.
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    Vote Wonder Red! - Wonder-Red's Last Stand?! Final Days of the Fighter Ballot

    Every boss is my favorite boss. For my overall favorite, I'd have to say the one that transitions into Punch-Out. I especially loved Jergingha for its references to Punch-Out and Space Harrier.
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    Poll: What do you want most in a Newcomer?

    I voted for moveset potential, but bias is a huge secondary factor. And then they overlap for Wonder-Red!
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