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    Q&A Tips & Answers from a Passing Ninja - Greninja Q&A Thread

    Opinions on the Cloud and Rosa MU?
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Diddy Kong is more of a All-Rounder/Half-Grappler character hes a perfect example of "jack of all trades master of none" He can zone out really well With SHFF Fairs,(PP) Dtilts,SHFF Bairs/SH Double Bairs,and Peanut Popgun. He can also play like a Bait and Punish character by simply using his...
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    Official Talk is Cheap - Ryu Match Up Thread

    Diddy main here asking for advice on the Ryu MU? What should Ryu focus on against Diddy and stages should I ban and try to take Ryu too. What are you trying to avoid or nullify in this MU? As much detail about the MU the better as I want to get it down. Thank you
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    [v1.1.6] Cranky's Wisdom: A General Diddy Kong Match-Up Discussion Thread!!

    Going to skip Bayonetta due to nerfs and lack of contributing to the thread who should we start on next?
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Wow 44 out of 58 characters in top 16 in the past weekend that puts a huge smile on my face.
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    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Diddy Kong goes even with Fox and Mario. Luigi is debatable.
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    Data Bayonetta Match-Up Thread!

    The Diddy Kong boards are discussing Bayonetta come drop all your knowledge!!! @AeroLink_the_SoulMaster im especially looking at you since we've met sir lol. Take care~
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    Diddy Kong MU Discussion!! Week #6 Bayonetta!!

    Still haven't regretted voting for this character...even though I don't play her....I think 0-deaths are hype though... So here are the rules: Your post must be descriptive about the matchup just saying "I think Diddy loses this matchup" is not beneficial and will not be tolerated. Posting...
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    Social Diddy Kong Social Thread

    Pretty sure it would beat out the nana but it doesn't hurt to try lol
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    Social Diddy Kong Social Thread

    Yeah but you have to telegraph when they are going to continue the pressure
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    Social Diddy Kong Social Thread

    Because we all know Zinoto is a great Diddy also seeing Diddy win a tournament isn't a surprise to us most here think hes top 5 hands down. Also on Zinoto's Twitter he spoke often of how he thinks Diddy beats Bayonetta 60:40.
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    OMG I love your avatar where did you find that!?

    OMG I love your avatar where did you find that!?
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    Q&A Doc's Tips: A Little Mac Q&A Thread

    Sup Macs don't play the character but a big fan of anyone who does~ That aside I was skimming through the MU and couldn't find any info on the Diddy MU. Anyone have any advice on what to do in Macs perspective and what you would look out for? Thanks in advance.
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    Meta Match Analysis: Ally vs. Zinoto (SFW #31)

    Should we try to get Zinoto in here?
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    Important Diddy Kong MU Discussion!! Week #5 Mario!!

    @Sonicninja115 Yeah I did hopefully they'll drop some knowledge from their POV Heres what I found from Zinoto's link: "Wall him out early with falling aerials to avoid taking 70% off of one grab. Then make sure you get all of your grab confirms." "First, the fireballs can be power...
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