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    Know Your Moves: Ness and Lucas

    Straight up looking blazed...
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    Kirby's HUP Cancel - A Tutorial And Guide By Ƥнλπ7σϻ

    Cool, reminds me of ness' dair in Melee; pretty much used it the exact same way there as Kirby does here.
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    DreamHack London 2015 - Schedule, Casters, and more announced!

    Missed paragon and the last Avalon, I'm not going to miss this.
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    Weekend Watchlist 18: An Abundance Of Smash!

    Damn, it's gunna be hard to watch any of these /: oh well I'll try and get a peek every now and then and find the time to watch anyVOD's or later uploads!
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    Event Preview: Paragon Los Angeles 2015

    Love what you do with these Papapaint! If I didn't have prior plans this weekend, I'd take the short drive out to LA and enjoy myself with friends!
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    Omni Presents: Three Reasons Why You Should Pick A Top Tier

    The video speaks for itself, so I'm just gunna leave this here I'm pretty damn sure that omnis vid was directed to those who wanna actually see decent tourny result, keeping that in mind, it was...
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    The 64 Renaissance

    I'd hella play 64 and get into it competitively, if my controllers weren't unusable for comp play. My only form of console play is at my friends,(lost my copy of 64 ;-; ) and that's only on the rare ocations that no one brings over a setup (Melee), and we just wanna get a few 1v1 in. Does...
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    ZeRo's Guide To Shield Dropping

    Why do people feel the need to point out how old/ how "late" someone is to report on something? I haven't seem this video till now. Anyway, I was messin with shield dropping in smash 4 a month or so back after realizing that it was still a thing, but didn't really try to get it down as much...
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    Interview with Coastward On His Recent Sponsorship

    Gannon does posses a decent sized package, soo I'd say it's a well-thought pick.
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    Remix Corner: Yoshi

    Does this count:
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    nah, never had a need for one

    nah, never had a need for one
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    Pro? Nah. don't really have a definite favorite, but from ssb64 its ness/Jigglypuff, ssbm...

    Pro? Nah. don't really have a definite favorite, but from ssb64 its ness/Jigglypuff, ssbm: falco/ganondorf/ness brawl: ness/wario/falco Sm4sh: pikachu/rob But I guess my favorite all around is a tie between ganondorf and ness
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    I have it on all systems

    I have it on all systems
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    Smash 4 Worldwide: 1600+ Sign Ups, $1000 Prize Pool, And A Record Breaking Tournament

    1600+ entrants? How long will this last? Will it go without a hitch?
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