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  • If your interested David is having a tournament October 15 and were going to record vids.
    R@vyn's thread is the only source of Pit frame data that I am aware of at the moment. There are programs that can find the data as well, but that requires a modded Wii and my expertise doesn't extend that far.
    hmm i was thinking of doing that, but i dont want to shut out any new ideas, i believe in laisez faire approach to it, so lets see how it works out, if it gets too hectic ill switch it to a more controlled style
    prestige means that it has a really good name and are really respected

    however it doesnt necessarily mean that they are any better then the next school, it just means that they are thought highly of
    oh no this is just my highschool that had some jamaicans, its kinda sorta an international school, next year though im going to college in colorado
    Colorado State University

    hmm i think you can get a good education in places that are far less expensive then princeton, the only real thing thats better in princeton is the prestige of ivy league
    Haha ahh im sorry, the pit boards needed it pretty bad
    i dont have problems understanding you, there were some jamaicans in my school and i got kinda used to it
    Ishi, check something for me. See if proper DI (TDI+SDI) along with Absolute Wingdash can come out of Toon Link's FSmash.
    Really sweet! Some of those went by really fast with the transitions it was hard to follow lo but it was really cool nontheless! You should try experimenting with forward wingdashing esp for mario's fireball or maybe wingdash pivot to bair. I loved the laser dodge and the diddy stuff! Keep up the awesome work!
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