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    If Smash Ultimate ended with 100 unique characters, who would YOU choose? (READ OP)

    I gave passes 1-3 themes and the last 3 were just random. Pass 1: 3rd Parties 71. Joker 72. The Hero 73. Banjo & Kazooie 74. Terry Bogard 75. Rayman Pass 2: 1st Parties Supporting Characters 76. Captain Toad 76e. Captain Toadette 77. Dixie Kong 78. Bandana Dee 79. Impa 80. Medusa Pass 3: 1st...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Deluxe Edition In The Future?

    I personally hope this happens as I'm not really feeling the fighter ballot. Personally, I don't mind 3rd parties but I do still think they should be a special occasion happening and only occur with someone really special. Banjo, Rayman, Crash, Bomberman.... all third parties I'm okay with. But...
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    Characters you liked unexpectedly

    :ultpalutena: was one I hated in Smash 4, but I've learned to use projectiles and long-ranged attacks more and found that she's actually really fun to play as. :ultrobin: I barely touched in the previous iteration of Smash, but I really like his magic based attacks. Like Palutena, I learned to...
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    Which Super Smash Bros. sequel added the best newcomers in the franchise?

    I really wanted to say Melee, but when you think about it half of it's roster were clones, and a lot of them shouldn't have been and still are today. (:ultyounglink::ultganondorf:) Plus a few of the newcomers were just bland and uninteresting to me (:ultpichu::ultdoc:) Also, I'm the type of...
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    So what's with the hate for Echo Fighters?

    I think 3 entries for a series is pretty good. Kid Icarus has only had three games, one of which is widely forgotten and ignored, and it has two unique characters and an echo. Plus Luigi is one of Nintendo's most known characters. I definitely see where you're coming from, because he does have a...
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    So what's with the hate for Echo Fighters?

    I appreciate how far Luigi has come from Mario, but I feel a moveset based on Luigi's Mansion would better represent who he is, and how he has evolved from a direct clone of Mario back in the NES days. They have made him different, but all of the moves that differentiate the two are random moves...
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    So what's with the hate for Echo Fighters?

    My annoyance with clones and echoes in general is it basically stops the character from ever having a unique moveset. Just look at Ganondorf. He was thrown in near the end of Melee's development, so they made him a clone of the only character that somewhat made sense. Personally, I would've...
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    Which usually disliked/hated, forgotten or underestimated characters deserve more love?

    Incineroar. People can't get over the fact that he made it in as the last unique newcomer instead of Isaac or Geno or Banjo. I was mad to then, but it's time to get over it, he's one of the most fun characters in the game and has a moveset completely unique to him. A lot of his moves are like...
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    Thoughts on the New Stage Select Screen (Order)

    I agree that finding characters and stages can be hard, but I think it's kind of a dumb reason to not want to play the game anymore. I mean you couldn't find Ike after five minutes of searching for him and that is supposed to be your friends main? Finding a character isn't THAT hard, I mean...
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    Social Hideout of the Phantom Thieves - Joker Social

    I'm fine with Joker being in the game, but his reveal wasn't hype at all imo. Just when it was about to get exciting, they decided not to show any gameplay. That is not how you reveal a big name third party. If they didn't have any footage ready they should've waited on this.
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    Thoughts on the New Stage Select Screen (Order)

    Good thing Ike debuted in Smash Brow Brawl, so they don't have to scavenge the Melee section. I'm just being a pain, but yeah, not a big fan of how they decided to sort characters this time around.
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    Rating the fan-requested characters: do you want them playable or not?

    S: Captain Toad, Dixie Kong, Impa, Bandana Dee, Isaac, Chorus Kids, Spring Man, Rayman, Banjo & Kazooie, Bomberman A: Excitebiker, Chibi-Robo, Medusa, Skull Kid, Waluigi, Midna, Zoroark, Ashley, Paper Mario, Crash Bandicoot B: Ninten, Takamaru, Mach Rider, Decidueye, Ghirahim, Krystal, Rex &...
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    Top 10 Most Wanted Newcomers for Smash Switch!

    Alright, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and updating my list. My views and opinions on Smash have changed significantly since the last time I posted, so my list is gonna look quite different. For each number I summarized my thoughts on the character, and then after it put where the character...
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    Fighter Ballot

    He might of, who knows, but I'm sure the two were close and Banjo was really popular.
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