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Recent content by Landry

  1. Landry

    Midwest Card Shop Melee Bi-Weeklies

    how many people usually come to these?
  2. Landry

    [Milwaukee, WI] looking for players interested in tournaments

    Milwaukee has a great series of locals called The Construct. Check out WI Smash on Facebook for more info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/411431608918302/?ref=bookmarks
  3. Landry

    WI Thread

  4. Landry

    First Official Shaq-Fu Tier List Released

    I realize it's April Fools today but Shaq is seriously the WORST character in that game.
  5. Landry

    WI Thread

    To all newer people: This thread has been pretty dead for a while (as has most of Smashboards) but if you look on Facebook you can find the WI Smash Group and other good resources for smashers. It doesn't matter if you like Smash 4, PM, Melee, whatever - you can find someone who will play your...
  6. Landry

    [Dec 20, 2014] Christmas Beatings (Rockford, IL)

    I believe there is a big tourney in Chicago on this day. edit: doesn't mean people won't show up tho
  7. Landry

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    So after Puff being one of my worst (and least played) matchups I learned a lot about it last night after playing a bunch of friendlies. I realized just how good dair is against her (even if she's shielding) and how my gameplan should revolve around keeping Puff grounded whenever I can and just...
  8. Landry

    [Dec 6, 2014] IMDB 12: Killing Time Before Perkins (Madison, WI)

    oh my god, smashboards still exists bump
  9. Landry

    EVO 2015: Melee or Smash 4?

    This is so silly and ignorant.
  10. Landry

    EVO 2015: Melee or Smash 4?

    Can we please, PLEASE not have this debate yet? Smash 4 still isn't even out yet. People are just spewing bias with no baseline for opinions. And what's more, turning this into a Melee vs Smash 4 thread is the worst thing we could do. I'm sure both games will have camps that support them so...
  11. Landry

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    Awesome update Achilles. All of the extra alternate costume options are especially cool. You're doing great work, man!
  12. Landry

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    Thanks Achilles. Can't wait for the next release!
  13. Landry

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    Hey Achilles - If I want to create an iso that looks as close to original Melee as possible but still has all the 20XX functions which files (of your replacements) should I not copy over?
  14. Landry

    Smash is like Basketball?

    Smash is more like tennis, honestly. But in general all of these comparisons will be flawed at some point.
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