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    Wario main skype group anyone?

    are we still doing this? if so: tangerine_shishkebab
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    Avalon VI Tournament Review and Recap Video

    because they didnt want to run it...?
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    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    Captain Falcon - Meta Knight + Mega Man +
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    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    Diddy - Lucario - Sonic +
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    Snake in PM 3.5 discussion

    apparently mines persist through death.
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    Snake in PM 3.5 discussion

    Only if I get to stick myself first.
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    The Lone Samus

    Back on topic - I think I'm WV/MD's only Samus. Kinda nice though. :)
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    [Jan 10, 2015] War of the Roses II! A SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE SINGLES AND... (Weirton, WV)

    War of the Roses II is the premier Super Smash Brothers Melee Doubles and Singles event in Weirton, WV. (Only 35 minutes away from downtown PGH!) $5 Venue Fee, plus an additional $5 per event. VENUE: Weirton Millsop Community Center's Weirton Room, Weirton, WV. Join The Guild, in association...
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    The Official West Virginia Thread - Cilantro Smash 3 (July 19)

    @KrazyKnux hey man, WotR TO here, thinking about having it sometime in December/January should everything go smoothly. Since my base of operations is Baltimore for the school year I kinda need to do things on break and stuff, but we'll let you guys know when we get a date and stuff set up.
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    Mario at Fight Pitt V

    I'm gonna be there and I have a Mario secondary. Maybe we could do some friendlies!
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    1 V 1 against anyone

    You can also use the report button, which alerts mods right away. :)
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    Smash Wii U & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - October 23rd

    we persona now
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    How would u feel if they never made the GC controler adapter?

    It wouldn't really affect me too much, tbh. I didn't expect them to make an adapter in the first place so I was prepared to learn how to play with the pro controller. But I am grateful for the adapter :)