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    Official The Picto Box - Toon Link Video & Critique Thread

    Hey guys. I was warming up in for glory the other night and ended up breaking this guys shield into the classic bomb > dair. He must've felt embarrassed so he took his own life. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
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    Meta Treasure Charts: Metagame Advancement, Research Lab, and AT List. this video was just posted by Zan. SH air dodge to uair (which frame cancels). seems like a great new combo starter.
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    Lame Genie VGM cover band!

    Lame Genie VGM cover band!
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    Tether Glitch

    Hey guys. Has anyone narrowed down why the 'tethering to the ledge' glitch happens? ie. why sometimes you plummet to your doom if the 'ledge-grab' tether doesn't come out? I think I have narrowed it to a couple scenerios: - trying to tether too quickly from hit stun - trying to 'bomb-tether'...