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  • I feel like when ever you post, its for something important. Which i like. so when ever i see you post in your thread, i always click it. Your just so awesome to me. :)
    Patience, the rebuilder isn't even done yet. BBox will eventually have all those features, including dae import/export.
    Well i am excited for that day!

    ....... Well on a nother random yet helpful for awesome haXx note. Hows the Vertex editor coming along? I think you should study the Verted editing guide to see if you can somehow auto mate the Imporitng and exporting process. Or use BBox to edit it.
    Heheh, not exactly one of my specialties. And besides, I leave the creating up to you guys. Maybe some day I'll do something...
    .... Lol. Why not just make a simple texture? I mean, you Make the best program to make the best hacks, and the most advanced program, yet you dont use it for what its for. Making stuff. Even if its just a simple recolor.
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