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Recent content by Kroppkakor

  1. Kroppkakor

    B.e.a.s.t 3

    Count me in! I will bring a setup aswell.
  2. Kroppkakor

    Me and My Friend's Covers

    Hello fellow Smashers! For a few days ago me and my friend (his also a smasher) did record a cover of the song The Story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JkEjYWEblM&feature=context&context=C4fa2925ADvjVQa1PpcFPRfCUP8ISVKxtYFVdHG0GdCp9CgNPozx4= I did also record a cover of the song The...
  3. Kroppkakor

    SWF Presents: Smash News!

    Great idea! Approved.
  4. Kroppkakor


    I am so hyped!
  5. Kroppkakor

    World of Warcraft Discussion: Mists of Pandaria

    This season will prob suck with the rogue legendaries. Teams like RLS, RMP will destroy the bracket. /cry
  6. Kroppkakor

    Who's Your Favorite Mario Series Character?

    Daisy and Toad
  7. Kroppkakor


    Nice one mate!
  8. Kroppkakor

    Sure Sheik is your main, but who's your Low Tier?

    My low tier is Ness. Really fun character :D
  9. Kroppkakor

    Low Tier Mains (different than the other thread)

    Ness is the way to go<3
  10. Kroppkakor

    You know you've played too much smash when...

    Excacly what I do lol.
  11. Kroppkakor

    My band! Feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  12. Kroppkakor

    My band! Feedback would be appreciated.

    Up to the top. Bump!
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