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Recent content by kro_

  1. kro_

    Data DK Frame Data - Ultimate Edition

    Is this pre-patch?
  2. kro_

    Falcon changes so far:

    That can obviously be DI'd, but not the whole thing. I'm excited to see what Falcon can do, removing the set knockback from nair 1 was actually pretty cool
  3. kro_

    Falcon changes so far:

    Raptor Boost looks really fast, and although it doesn't kill or combo, it apparently has super-armor, so that thing is gonna be a pain in the ass for characters who can't land
  4. kro_

    Simon & Richter's moveset.

    Important question: Can Simon hold A after using e.g. his f-air to control his whip freely, like in Super Castlevania 4?
  5. kro_

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    I guess you can't angle the Blunderbuss? Guy working at Nintendo claimed you could, but I've never seen it, so I'm calling the bluff
  6. kro_

    dark samus really could (and should) be a semi clone

    The thing is, they could give her a brand-new moveset, but they'd rather spend precious time on completely original characters over clones, and I'm perfectly fine with that compromise.
  7. kro_

    Social Burn With Passion!! -- Incineroar General Discussion (Formerly the Support Thread)

    Pray for Sceptile DLC. Hoenn deserves better
  8. kro_

    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    Lots of throws have armor. However, Nana/Luma can only act when their partner can, so it doesn't matter. It's very important with more than 2 players, though
  9. kro_

    Q&A Ultimate Falco: Gameplay & General Discussion

    Dair looks a lot faster
  10. kro_

    Q&A Ultimate Falco: Gameplay & General Discussion

    First Falco footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96KrITWFX-M
  11. kro_

    Samus smash switch speculation thread

    Uair came out 12 frames faster than dair in Smash 4 and is much easier to combo with. The moves are hardly comparable. And what I said was that she should get some compensation for losing a great combo-starter, not that she needs more combo-starters.. Dash attack's compensation is that it's a...
  12. kro_

    Samus smash switch speculation thread

    Has anyone tested her up-tilt in Ultimate? Does it still do more damage on grounded opponents versus aerial opponents? I like her dash attack being a kill-move. After all, it's inspired by the shinespark, it's meant to be beefy. Then again, nerfing uair in conjunction really hampers her...
  13. kro_

    Mach Rider, Rides Again For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Excite Biker would be boring compared to Mach Rider (who also has a much cooler name), though an Excite Biker-palette would be great for Mach Rider.
  14. kro_

    Redesigning/Rebalancing Sheik

    I'm still mad they took away her Melee dair. It was a cool combo-starter and I hate stall-and-fall moves so much
  15. kro_

    Looks like raptor boost has super armor now

    Damn, I wish they made it a combo tool again, but it looks like it's gonna be *even* more similar to Pit's side B.
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