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    Byleth Revealed as Final Character in First Fighters Pass

    I love this character. Out all the DLC, I will admit Byleth is the most hype character for me out the pack. It makes me sad seeing all the hate they are getting. ( Though I understand the reason ). I feel Byleth will grow on people. I love the female's design and render.
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    I'm sorry about this year, but 2020 is almost here. Full support & luck, and have fun : )

    I'm sorry about this year, but 2020 is almost here. Full support & luck, and have fun : )
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    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    ^ 8/10. Yoshi eyes look creepy to me :) ^ 10/10. That one is really cute : )
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    NERF THIS! thread

    I agree with both of you. Blizzard's actions were wrong & tbh hinders any of their IPs
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    NERF THIS! thread

    I would love to see Dva. Her design & vibe will fit the game soo well.
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    Potential Alternative Character Slots / Palette Swaps / Clones

    :ulticeclimbers:: Ice Climbers are by my favorite Nintendo & Super Smash Bros character. However, They don't have any selectable costumes to choose from honestly. I love the way Project M ( I never played it, but amazing job / props ) gave them polar bear costumes resembling the Bear from the...
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    This fight will be your last! Sub-Zero for Smash!

    I am so down for Sub-Zero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I feel like a Mortal Kombat rep has a decent chance of making in. Especially since the announcement of additional DLC fighters. I honestly have a move list idea and I hope this is a proper place to put it since it is a support thread. I...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 5.0.0 Released

    Terry is a good character and it makes me sad he getting hate. It's just like Hero all over the again. People need to give these characters a try first. I didn't grow up on SNK, but played KOF and loved it. It made me interested to research more about SNK franchises and I learned that KOF is...
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    The Hero Discussion – To Ban or Not to Ban?

    I understand why people are concerned. But I really hope we don't ban The Hero. I was so excited for him and he is one of my favorite character to play right now next to Ice Climbers. For starters, He wasn't in the spotlight long enough to justify banning him entirely. His basic attacks are...
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    What is your favorite move in Ultimate?

    :ulticeclimbers: { Ice Climbers } :GCR::GCB: Side B ( Squall Hammer ) I love that Side B allows for follow- ups and combos when they are in sync [ Can lead into U Airs for good Damage or N Air at lower percent's ] and [ Damage if you manage to hit multiple U Airs } Side B ( Squall...
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    How did you get into Super Smash Bros ?

    That's a good collection of games. Your in for a treat in 2019. Luigi Mansion 3, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Mario Maker 2, Canadice of Hyrule, Marvel Alliance 3, Astral Chains. ( and more ) God I need to save up to afford these upcoming games : ) Any finding a main is very hard and maining 20...
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    Thoughts on Dragon Quest DLC?...

    I have only played Dragon Quest a few times on rare occasions ,but I am extremely excited for them and Dragon Quest 11 to come to the Switch. I know to a lot of people they seem like generic Sword fighters, ( and like I said I am not a massive fan and played a few times ) but please give them a...
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    How did you get into Super Smash Bros ?

    Very good and informative. Nice of you to take the time to write all this out. You have a lot of liking and attachments for these characters and there is a lot to go off here. One thing I want to say is I agree with your motivation and drive for liking a character. With a game like this...
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    How did you get into Super Smash Bros ?

    Cool. I can agree with your last point. I am all about having fun and while items are fun to me, majority of the time I thought the best way to have fun was to feel like a fair 1 v 1 game. It's why I love the options system in this game because you are able to use Battlefield forms of stages...
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    How did you get into Super Smash Bros ?

    I'm sorry about your time in the hospital but, it's nice to see something good come out of a bad situation. Great choices in characters. If you can, still use Peach. I love seeing her and Daisy because the amazing float cancel combos and setups that can be achieve. She so Technically demanding...