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** The Beginning **

Hi. It's so nice to meet you all. I love the Smash community deeply in fact my favorite community of all time. I would love to get to know a lot more people as I continue here. I have also been very interested in the competitive side as well and hope to visit many tournaments. Shyness of going has been holding me back but you have to start somewhere right. I am a very chill person so feel free to talk or ask me question, I won't bite.

A little about me. I have been playing smash since a very young age and it starts at Melee. Smash Bros has always been unique to me because the idea of having such a huge crossover like this is so bizzare and crazy and till this day 75 beloved Nintendo characters and gaming icons in one battle is unbeliebeble. But I personally love crossover. So, this game to me was a match made in heaven and till this day me favorite series.

My favorite character since Melee are Ice Climbers. I came a long way with them which started on the NES. For those of you who don't know, Ice Climber is a platform game that was release in year 1985 with in short reaching the top and riding the condor to the next level. I was lucky to play this game back when my dad had his NES. I fell in love and asked my sister be Nana in 2p games but she didn't like it like I did. When I saw them in Melee, I just knew I had to main them and I been using them ever since Though I primarily used the Ice Climbers, I was still a casual so I didn't know how to wobble, hobble or do pass - offs, even in Brawl. Looking back if I knew more, I wouldn't use that technique anyway. I'm not against it though and believe players should use whatever advantage their character has to offer in battle. Brawl came along and I did branch off from the Ice Climbers for a minute to kind of get the gist of learning someone new and it offered a refreshing experience.

I was not a huge Pokémon fan at all, but I did watch it from time to time and what caught my attention was Jigglypuff. Cartoon and in game she is just soo adorable and charming on the eyes. I love her aerial mobility and I guess it worked out for me. As long as I can remember, I always had trouble with jumping in fighting games. It was almost like a habit. But now, I have more control and thinking more competitively, I finally can play her right which makes me very happy. She is extremely fun and rather simple to use which is not a bad thing.

When Super Smash Bros For Wii U and 3DS came around, I was extremely sad that the Ice Climbers were cut from the game. I still loved the game but I was going through a character crisis and felt empty. A part of me at the time thought I was only losing because I didn't have my main but in reality, I just sucked at the time. I still had Jigglypuff but I still wanted more. When I first saw this character, I was shocked to see just how unorthodox they were.

I didn't know they would " Fit " so well into the series. I didn't bother using them because I did not think they would " workout " for me. If you haven't guess it, it is Wii Fit Trainer. She became one of my all time favorite characters to join the series. Even though getting even remotely decent with her for me was a long struggle of free wins for the opponents, I finally got better and it felt great. Now I have 3 mains or characters that I use deeply and wish to continue growing with them as I progress on.

** Extra **

Whoa, you are still here. I know that Bio was lengthy but if you read through some of it, it really means you care so thank you for that. Or maybe you seen it and decided to skip all the way down to the end I don't know : ) I guess I can share some more thing about me. Nothing too crazy, I can be bland at times but overall a talkative person who likes people.

Interest: Traveling, gaming, hanging out with friends ( & people )

Hobbies: Schooling and gaming ( is school a hobby lol )

Favorite Food: Hambergurs and Milkshakes ( sound generic but facts )

Learning: I'm learning Japanese, Korean, & Chinese ( I know more Japanese )

Other Games: Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, Dead Or Alive, ( All Sorts )

Childhood Show: Kirby Right Back At Ya & Invader Zim [ More too many : ) ]

Amino: [ Lucky ] but I can't access it right now, but soon, it will be [ KoMallow ]

My Favorite Characters: Ice Climbers: Terry Bogard: Jigglypuff: Wii Fit Trainer: Byleth
May 31, 2001 (Age: 18)
Melee Main
Ice Climbers
Brawl Main
Ice Climbers
Smash Ultimate Main
Ice Climbers




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