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  • aight... i'm down for melee or brawl!!!! prolly not quite as good at melee as i used to be but it would still be cool!!! do you go to usm?!?
    i must warn you the majority of people coming will be playing melee, except darc and dazwa who r practicing for a brawl tourney in MA. but still usually everyone plays it for a bit at some point. i don't remember if you played melee but i recall most of the people at jman's didn't =p

    if you are still down let me know, but i have to see how many ppl r coming because there isn't a ton of room in the place we r playing. some ppl are coming from north carolina so i *have* to house them lol. i'll give you details after i get back from classes around 3/4 and talk to ppl
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